The Best Louis Vuitton bags for Men

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Louis Vuitton or sometimes refer to as LV has made it name in fashion industry especially in leather products such as shoes and bags. LV not only makes best bags for women but it has also manufactured some of the best bags for men as well.

Christopher back pack

This bag is made out of epi leather and is available in two classy colors of black and navy blue. On the outside there are 2 sides pocket whereas inside of the main pocket there is a zipper pocket and a tablet holding pocket. Insides of the pockets are glued with microfiber to provide them with a soft and durable touch, making sure that the inner surface of pocket does not damage your device. Main pocket can be closed lock with stretchable string mechanism and then there is an additional lid which can be hooked from outside. The straps of the bag are made of fiber and are cushioned in order to make them comfortable.

Coming to the function of the bag, the outer pockets can be used for small items such as laptop and mobile accessories. Whereas main pocket of the bag can be used to hold small to average size laptops. The tablet pocket cannot hold laptops so be careful with that. Zipper is added for securing precious accessories.

The bag is designed in such a way that it is good for both formal and informal presentations. You can take it with you for your presentations at office and as well as to your college. The color scheme is very good as it can suit up with almost all kinds of dressing. It can carry multiple things and is durable. Due to leather making we won’t suggest you to take it with you on a rainy day if you don’t have any protective measures for the bag. The bag is not good with heavy objects such as a gaming laptop or lots of books. The string mechanism puts wrinkles in the leather which can cause damage in long term.

Overall the bag is the finest of the bags made by LV. It has looks, class, functionality and durability to the extent it should have. No doubt the bag is ten on ten and we would recommend it to you.

Neo Greenwich PM

This one is a simple single compartment travel bag. On the outside there is classic checkered design of LV. The bag is made of canvas and has a microfiber lining inside. It is available in two colors of black and blue. The main compartment has a zipper which can be locked with outside flaps. There are two main carry handles and one shoulder strap. All of them are made of leather which make them quite comfortable for grip and hanging. On the inside there is one zipper and two flap pockets.

This bag is ideal for all travel purposes. It is neither too big nor too small, rather it has a perfect size which makes it a good hand carry. It is ideal for one day trips. Taking it out on a rainy day might not be a good idea as water can seep inside through canvas and can destroy your important stuff.

The bag is good for travel purpose. It is easy to carry thanks to shoulder strap. It has a lot of space which mean that you can carry all your important stuff. The bag is made of canvas which makes it stronger material wise as compared to bags made of leather. This bag has less pockets which makes organizing difficult. Since it is made of canvas so your material inside will always be vulnerable to rain and splashes. Overall the bag is good, it is strong and fulfills its function. Looks are classy and can fit with almost all kind of dressings.

Josh Damier Graphite Canvas


This bag comes in shape of regular backpack. Made from canvas, the bag has classic checkered design of LV. It has one main compartment with two flap pockets inside. On the outer side there is secondary pocket with LV branding on it and two side pockets. Straps are cushioned in order to provide maximum comfort.

The bag is idea for students but due to its design and classy looks it can be used for official purposes such as office use. Inner flap pockets can be used to hold tablets or Apple Macbooks while accessories of the devices can be stored in outside secondary pocket. Small things such as pens and other stationary items can be stored in side-pockets. Since the bag is made of canvas so you won’t have to take much care of it, as you would have to do with leather. It is light weight, simple in design and more space make it ideal for students.

Since it is made of canvas so it might not be very good option on rainy days. Due to its small size it is also not good for large laptops or heavy items. Overall the bag is good, strong and fulfils its function. Looks are classy and can be used on all kind of occasions.

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