The Benefits of An Open Relationship

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Open relationships are beautiful ones! Truth be told, our generation isn’t the first set of individuals to engage in it, however, it can be said without been too far from the truth that this generation has brought perfection to this type of relationship.

Herein this post, you would be learning basically, the benefits of an open relationships. The nitty gritty of everything you would enjoy as a partner in an open relationship, and how to bring up polygamy with your partner.

Albeit, before we move into the main deal, let’s get ourselves totally ready with knowing what exactly an open relationship is.

Many confuse open relationships for relationships who practice “public display of affection (PDA),” but it’s wrong. They’re two different situations.

So, a quick one; an open relationship is a type of relationship in which both partners in the relationship are given a free access to having sex, and a few times, emotional attachments to other people apart from their partners. The open relationship is part of the larger category of the non-monogamous relationship.

Just not to get things mixed up again, it is important you note that open relationships are different from swinging. Swinging is a relationship wherein the partners are purely sexual – nothing more. In this kind, the partners are given access to have sex with other people in parties. The main difference between the open relationship is simply the sexuality – swingers are in the relationship just to have sex, and no other plans of settling together, or thereabout. The benefits of an open relationship are also slightly different from those of swinging.

Open relationships are also different from polyamory. In polyamory, the partners are allowed to pursue even more than one committed relationship at a time. More like Polygamous marriage (although there are great differences too). All-in-all, open relationships can be regarded as the mid-point between swinging and polyamory.

So, after getting a perfect insight on what an open relationship is, then we are good to go to move to the main section of this article; the benefits of an open relationship.

The Benefits of An Open Relationship

Reading all that are above, you too should have realized that there is a whole lot of benefits in an open relationship.

Open relationships and flirting with strangers has even been proven to be good for your health.And just after this paragraph, I would be highlighting all of these benefits in details. We are good to go, right!

1. Lesser Responsibilities

Okay, so the direct opposite of an open relationship is the “closed relationship,” and I would be doing more of comparison henceforth.

Now, unlike closed relationships, wherein you need to commit your whole self to another person, and vice versa, an open relationship comes with fewer responsibilities.

In open ones, your partners, although do not care less, they are allowed not to get extremely committed. They are allowed to parry extra responsibilities. There is no need regarding your partner as an extension of yourself, which is one of the prerequisites of as closed relationship.

2. More Options

Open relationships create more options for partners. And the truth is, every human love having more options. More of everything. So, you see the catch? It’s always nice when you can flirt with other people without worrying about what your partner will think or react.

The beauty of the several option open to you is that it basically helps you get to taste more of life – having a better feeling of living. It’s both beautiful and interesting – because you would get to be open to several options, yet without having to get committed with any, or choose, but can just dabble through all of them.

This also gives room for experimentation and exploration, yet without having the risk of losing you relationship.

3. Extreme Honesty

Another interesting one from the whole lot of benefits of an open relationship is that it breeds honesty. An extreme one at that. Open relationship allows space for truthful communication between partners involved, and this in turn helps in easing the tension, and also eliminating every form of strain that could be present in the relationship.

Unlike closed relationships wherein dishonesty is the sun – overhead, open relationships negate that idea. This as well helps in easing partners of the load of pain they might go through upon realization that their other partner has been cheating. And this is why nowadays, we experience more break ups in closed relationships that in the open ones.

4. No Room for Cheating

Need we treat this again? Cause its quite self-explanatory. You almost definitely wouldn’t think about your partner cheating when there is actually nothing your guys are hiding from yourselves.

In an open relationship, your partner is always aware of who you’re hooking up with, places you visit, and all. With all of these, asides persons with personality issues, you wouldn’t want to even grow any form of suspicions towards your partner. And this exactly is what an open relationship is all about- freedom, yet without being accused of cheating!

5. Elimination of Monotony (Boredom)

Can you really get bored in an open relationship? Well, I wouldn’t really know, although it is a most likely no! Cause, both of you get to meet different kinds of people. You both get varied sex lives, and social life.

It’s quite simple actually; anytime you are with your partner, there is always this feeling first-time-ness. Like you guys just met. You feeling me? The freshness is there. And then when you both have sex, boom! The main deal. The affection just keeps growing, you know,

You both can’t just get bored, nor tired of each other. Except in extremely rare cases anyways. This as well helps in preventing you both from settling into the “familiar zone,” the “see-finish zone,” hence making thing keep getting exciting.


Truth be told, many a people doesn’t really fancy the idea of open relationships, although that are a few who would always say a yes to it. But really, open relationships aren’t that bad, and for me, it is one of the best schemes of curbing the menace of cheating and hurting one’s partner in a relationship.

Those are the benefits of an open relationship up-there. Do you have questions? Or would you like to share your experience in an open relationship? I would really want to hear from you, you know.

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