The Perfect Gift for Any Manly Man: Butt Firming Gel

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Ladies, are you shopping for a real manly man this holiday season? The type who drinks beer and watches football on Sundays? The type who grunts when asked a question? If you’re wondering what to get your guy, have we got the product for you.

Straight from Nickel Spa in London comes the Faux Cul Buttock Firming Gel. And no, we’re not making this up.

Here’s some helpful info from the manufacturer:

Whether you are a gym phobic couch-potato or are just concerned about looking good in your clothes, a lack lustre derri?re is not a good look. Lift, firm and fill your butt with NEW Faux Cul Buttock Firming Gel from Nickel, the first buttock remodelling and firming treatment for men.

Faux Cul will save you from slack, dropping or flat buttocks and give you that bubble butt you have always wanted. It works in two ways:

Firm UP
Cafeisilane C, a caffeine-based lipolysis stimulator, firms the buttocks leaving the skin soft and touchable.

Pump it UP
The combined action of caffeine derivative Vexel and Liftiline, a firming ingredient, provides an instant butt pumping effect re-inflating slackened areas.

For a first class ass vigorously massage the cream into the buttocks once a day.

Yes, we know – it’s the perfect gift. Just thank us later.

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