Melissa Bolona Black & White Photo Shoot

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Melissa Bolona Appears In Black & White Photo Shoot With Photographer Paul Rusconi

Rising star Melissa Bolona has been doing a lot in the acting world. She first appeared on the big screen in her role as Cindy in Grace of God in 2014 and her first feature film In Stereo was released in summer of 2015. Since her impressive debut, Bolona has earned over a dozen roles including her role as Amethyst Stone in Year of the Spectacular Men, directed by Lea Thompson. With her newest film, Acts of Violence out in theatres and three more due out in 2018, Bolona took a short break from her fast- paced acting career to pose for a photoshoot with photographer Paul Rusconi.

Now an established actress, Bolona first gained international fame as a model and philanthropist. Bolona has appeared in various magazines including Forbes and Vanidades. A natural beauty, Bolona knows how to work the camera.

Melissa Bolona

Rusconi is known as a local Los Angeles artist who specializes in black and white photos of popular culture.  Rusconi employs blue, magenta, yellow and black to create his grey scale and combines that with a digital screening process that can be combined with nail polish, oil and enamel. Rusconi’s work is featured in numerous private and public collections including the collection at the Carnegie Art Museum.  Rusconi is also no stranger to working with celebrities having worked with stars like Tyra Banks and Tom Cruise.

The developed photos are already on Melissa Bolona’s website and may soon appear on the star’s IMDB page.  Bolona’s unique look comes from her mixed heritage which includes German, Cuban, Ukrainian and Peruvian roots. With her modeling experience and exotic look, it is no surprise that the seasoned model is just as alluring in her black and white photos as she is in color.

For more Melissa Bolona photos, you can follow the star on Instagram. To keep updated on Bolona’s latest roles, check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.


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