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Lasting Longer In Bed – Fact Or Fiction

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If you look out there on the internet, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of different creams, pills, salves, or devices all meant to help a man last much, much longer in bed. Unfortunately about 99% of these products are simply capitalizing on people’s insecurities and don’t do much of anything.

Improving your sexual stamina isn’t an impossible feat in reality, it just requires patience, compromise, and the understanding that if there really was a way to increase your stamina in an extremely short amount of time there’s a very low chance that you’d find it tucked away in some strange part of the internet asking for your credit card. The penis is chock full of extremely sensitive nerve endings, these nerve endings follow the same general rules that nerve endings elsewhere in the body do, they just communicate sexual pleasure to the brain as opposed to say, pain or irritation.

Here’s a few ways to exploit these nerve endings to great effect:

Train Yourself Physically

Like any nerve endings, those found on the penis can have their sensitivity reduced with time. Masturbating on a regular basis can help reduce how sensitive your penis is, but how you choose to masturbate will have the biggest effect on whether or not you’ll last longer during actual flesh and blood sex. Using solely your hand will lead to some desensitization, sure, but the force isn’t being evenly applied and it isn’t really the same kind of feeling that comes with sex. A male masturbator like the Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) is a much more ideal choice because of the consistent & strong sensations delivered throughout the entire penis instead of focused on certain areas. The gains in time to orgasm will come gradually, but this is the best way to increase your time in the sack in the most “natural” way.

Train Yourself Mentally

At this point this saying has become rather cliche, but it is true that the biggest erogenous zone is the brain. Training yourself mentally to last longer is most about delaying that inevitable peak where you know you’ve gone too far and orgasm is all but guaranteed. Whenever you’re about to go over that peak, see what mental tricks you can think up to stop yourself before going over. This ranges from thinking about something unsexy to channeling everything you have into getting yourself off that cliff. The goal is to make a break in how turned on you are mentally without going so far that you’re completely out of the mood. This is a much more difficult method since it requires a lot of practice and personal tweaks to get just right.

Cheat Code: Use Desensitizing Spray

Okay, I did say that most products that cause you to last longer are indeed scams, and I stand by that statement. But I am mostly referring to “herbal products” or “supplements” that say you need to take them for a few weeks to let them build up in your system. A desensitizing spray is a simple spray with a mild anesthetic, just make sure to buy the right one. The correct desensitizing spray will often contained lidocaine and only require a few tiny spritzes to the underside of your penis (an extremely sensitive area). The result will be only a minor loss of pleasure as opposed to a feeling of numbness. This is just about the only method for increasing stamina that you can use on an as-needed basis.


There you have it, lasting longer in bed isn’t a fool’s errand yet it also isn’t an exact science. It works best if your goal is to learn how to be more in tune with your body and listen to what it is telling you as opposed to humping away mindlessly and hoping for the best. I personally recommend the first method the most as it is simple to understand why & how it works and well, it actually does. Don’t let shady retailers trick you into thinking they’ve figured out all there is to lasting long in bed, if they really had some kind of worthwhile secret the whole world would have found out about it within a week.

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