Jewellery at work: The golden rules

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As most of us know, accessories are key to a successful work appearance. There are umpteen guides that prove this point time and time again.  There are also plenty of horror stories out there of people going overboard when it comes to these accessories, and specifically, jewellery. As much as it can act as the perfect finishing touch, it can also push you into the ‘OTT’ and ‘annoying’ territory. Today’s guide is all about ensuring that you don’t fall into such a trap.

If it makes a sound, don’t wear it

Like all of the tips that we will focus on today, this is applicable to both men and women. Whether you have bought from Covent Garden, or the local market, the same rule about sound applies. In short, if you can hear it, it can’t be worn. Sure, there’s always going to be the odd jingle with some jewellery, but this can’t happen every time you walk across the office. If people can ‘hear’ you coming, you need to change things up.

The rule of distraction (or lack of)

This next point revolves around distraction. As we have already spoken about, jewellery is about accessorizing shrewdly. If your jewellery therefore starts to distract away from the rest of your outfit, you’ve made a mistake. One of the easiest ways to fall into this trap is to simply wear too much of it. If you overdo it on the bracelets, or even the necklaces, it’s probably distracting away from your overall appearance. This is one of the hardest areas of fashion to satisfy and again, it applies to both sexes. Making sure that your outfit is enhanced by your choice of jewellery is key if you want to be taken seriously in the office.

Make sure your appearance is balanced

When we talk about balance, it can apply to any item of jewellery.  For example, let’s start with the watch. You might be a person who enjoys wearing a smaller watch – which is completely fine. However, if you then arm your opposite wrist with a huge bracelet, an unbalance is immediately created. You almost look uneven.

Next, let’s turn to necklaces. As we mentioned in the last point, making sure that you don’t ‘overdo it’ is key to making sure that your jewellery doesn’t distract. In the case of necklaces, there’s another point though. If you opt for too many necklaces, stacked on top of one another, your neckline vanishes. Suffice to say, it’s hardly a desired look for the workplace.

Don’t be the dazzler

In some ways, this links to the first point we made about some jewellery being too loud for the office environment. By the same token, some is just too shiny. We’re not talking about the size of a diamond here, but rather the shimmer of a larger piece such as a bracelet or necklace. Particularly on a bright summer’s day, the last thing you want is to be deflecting sunlight into a colleague’s eye across the office!


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