7 Gadgets James Bond Wishes He Had

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One of the greatest things about being a guy is getting our mitts on ? Boys Toys? Everyone loves a good gadget, and if they’re actually useful as well then that’s just an added bonus!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 7 gadgets that I’ve seen while looking for Christmas presents in the last couple of weeks of December and I’m pretty sure James Bond would be as happy as a pup with two tails if he?d received any of these gifts from Saint Nick.

Most of these gadgets can be found over at Spy Catcher Online, and I Want One Of Those is worth a look too!

  1. MP4 Watch ? Picture this scenario. You?re at the airport, or you’re visiting your grandparents and you find yourself bored with nothing to do. How awesome would it be if you could just push a button on your watch and instantly have access to 2GB worth of MP3?s, movies and pictures? With a 1.5inch color screen and support for MP3, WMA, MP4 (NXV) and JPEG formats, the MP4 watch is a fantastic gadget that any red blooded male can enjoy. The price is affordable too, setting you back just £59.95 ($108 approx).
  2. Wireless Audio Transmitter ? This nifty little device allows you to transmit your music wirelessly to any device in your house which has a phono input! If your music collection is on your desktop PC upstairs, you may want to listen to that new album you just downloaded in the living room! MTV on the TV downstairs and you’re having a bath? Transmit the audio to the bathroom radio. Another brilliant device for the low price of £49.95 ($90 approx).
  3. Transmitting Camera Pen ‘Nothing says spy quite like a discrete pen with an inbuilt camera and transmission function! This working pen can take images and transmit them to a TV, video recorder or security monitor up to 100 meters away. It’s not cheap at ‘295 ($586 approx) but the thrill of undertaking spy work could be considered priceless!
  4. Wooden Picture Frame with GSM Transmitter ? This trendy wooden picture frame would look great in the home or the office. The beauty of this is that nobody can see the built-in GSM module which allows you to silently dial into the unit from anywhere in the world and hear exactly what is being said within 4-5 meters of the picture frame. It won?t work in the USA but this device is completely legal in the E.U. Want one? That’ll be £170.38 then please.
  5. UV Pen ? This pen is ideal for hiding information from rogue agents and enemy spies! The writing is invisible and is only revealed once highlighted by the ultra-violet rays. Perfect for those nuclear launch codes you?ve just obtained from the wooden picture frame you gave to the Prime Minister! At just ‘8 ($16 approx) this is a fun gadget that is ideal for kids and adults alike.
  6. Disintegrating Paper ‘The perfect writing material for you to display a message for your contact. If the mission is aborted or compromised, just put it in water and the paper becomes illegible mush! No water around? Saliva works just as well to help you destroy the evidence quickly and efficiently! A steal at just ‘8 ($16 approx).
  7. Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer ‘ This device is best suited to covert operations when you?ve got a tail and you need to prevent them from reporting your position! It?s not cheap at ?229 ($455 approx) and it?s not legal in the E.U. (unless you’ve had clearance from MI6) but it?s a brilliant bit of kit which will disable all mobile phones within a 15 meter radius.

One For The Geeks!

For all you budding Q?s reading this and thinking, ‘James Bond is an over-rated, sorry excuse for a spy! Actually making the gadgets is what all the cool kids are doing!? then I have the perfect thing for you.

Electronic Gadgets For The Evil Genius equips you with complete plans, instructions, parts lists and sources for the following amazing gadgets:

  • Infra-red viewer
  • Object levitation device
  • Laser listening system
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generator
  • Sonic phaser cannon
  • Electromagnetic launcher
  • Object projector
  • Traveling plasma wave generator
  • Multivortex plasma tornado
  • Laser beam cutter
  • Ion ray projector
  • Pyrotechnic blaster and shock wave pulser
  • Lightning bolt generator
  • Working light saber
  • Magnetic pulse can crusher
  • Ultrasonic shock projector

Suddenly that amazing hoverboard from Back To The Future doesn’t seem to be the impossible dream!

Note ? It goes without saying that should you decide to purchase any of these items, you must adhere to the laws and regulations of your country. These gadgets are not toys and should be operated both ethically and responsibly!

Of course, just having the type of gadgets that James Bond has is only half the equation. Subscribe to my RSS feed today and catch next weeks Dress Like James Bond Guide to make sure you look the part.

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