How to Dress Like James Bond

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Ever wanted to look like James Bond? I thought so. This article will help you become a 007 wannabe without breaking the bank. Which is nice.

In our article 7 Gadgets James Bond Wishes He Had, we looked at some brilliant little devices for all you wannabe secret agents! Now we’re going to take it a step further and make sure that you look the part too.

James Bond has been the epitome of style and looking good since Roger Moore became the third man to portray 007 in Live and Let Die in 1973. However, for the modern man this is simply not practical on a day to day basis. That being said, we’re going to look at the fashion and style of James Bond in the latest movie, Casino Royale.

If you’re anything like me, you were appalled when you heard that Daniel Craig was unveiled as the new Bond…..until your saw the film and hailed him as your new hero. He was the most bad-ass Bond I’ve ever seen and the most similar to the modern man.

Get The “Daniel Craig” Bond Look

Because I am such a huge fan of the man’s man James Bond portrayed by Daniel Craig, I’ve put together a few of my favorite articles of clothing that make up the “Daniel Craig” Bond look.

The first item I want to mention comes with a stipulation, you need to read my How To Improve Your Physique Without Lifting Weights and start incorporating the exercises into your routines. Also, you should visit this site for loads of fitness tips to get a healthy brain.

Those Blue Swimming Shorts La Perla Grigioperla

As mentioned, you need to have a fantastic physique to even attempt these shorts on the beach. If you don’t have the body then don’t even try to pull this look off. You won’t manage it. If you follow my suggested resources for a few months religiously, you can start to think about wearing these. If you have the body, these shorts will have the women literally dribbling and falling over themselves to talk to you! You can get them from the following places:

The Sunspel Blue Polo Shirt

This polo shirt is an absolutely classic look which provides a fitted and retro look. Assuming you followed the resources mentioned above to look good in those shorts, you should look equally hunky in this tight fitting polo. Your arms will look powerful and strong, your chest broad and manly. The cuts and bruises pictured are optional extras should you decide to engage in secret agent type activities! You can get this shirt from the Sunspel website. You can also get the grey crewneck and white v-neck t-shirts worn by Bond during the movie.

This understated and elegant style is timeless and will look good whatever the occasion.

James Bonds Shoes – John Lobb Luffield Shoes

Elegant, stylish, understated. These shoes epitomise everything that is James Bond. With the right suit, these shoes can transform you from a normal bloke into a sophisticated man. They don’t come cheap though. John Lobb shoes retail anywhere from $500 upwards. You can find out more information on these shoes at (Choose your country, then Ready To Wear, then Derby, then Prestige and finally choose the Luffield shoe. I hate flash websites by the way!)

Obviously, if you’re James Bond, money is no object. Us mortals, however, may need to find a cheaper alternative.

Magnoli Clothiers provide bespoke and custom made shoes at an affordable price and guess what? They have created their own Royale Shoes to emulate the Luffield style.

The cost to you is a much more affordable $310 (approximately 156) and they look identical to the untrained eye.

The James Bond Suit

Now unless you’ve got a spare 2,500 (approximately $5,000) to spend on a Brioni suit, you’re not going to get the exact Bond style in your suit. Luckily, our friends over at Magnoli Clothiers have come up trumps again by creating a couple of James Bond inspired items for a much more reasonable price.

The Goldfinger Royale suit is similar to the suit worn by Daniel Craig at the end of Casino Royale, and is based on the classic Goldfinger suit donned by Sean Connery all those years ago. It’s very stylish, very sexy and very affordable at $499 (approx 252).

They also offer a pair of 007 inspired trousers (pants) at an incredibly affordable $89 (a mere 45 in real money!).

Casino Royale Evening Shirt And Bow tie

The final item is the shirt and bow tie. For this, we’re going to recommend that you pay the full price for the authentic item, simply because a shirt and bow tie are two of the most visible elements in your attire and they need to look fantastic.

Every actor that has portrayed James Bond on the big screen has invariable worn shirts and ties by the world renowned shirt makers Turnbull & Asser. Daniel Craig donned their attire in his Bond debut and it makes perfect sense that if you too are looking to emulate the Bond look then you should wear only the best.

The “Limited Collection” shirt is made from a super fine, two fold, white-on-white cotton. Using a classic silhouette, the shirt has been designed with a unique collar, specifically designed by Turnbull & Asser, which is featured in the film. Further subtle details can be found including the mitred double cuffs and concealed front placket which, stylishly, hide the mother of pearl buttons underneath. The bow tie is made from raw Shantung silk, giving extra texture and a wonderful handle and tactility when touching the bow tie.

This shirt and bow tie will add an air of sophistication to any modern man’s wardrobe and for me it is a “must have” item.

The price, surprisingly, is a very respectable and affordable 245 ($485). A small price to pay for looking fabulous.

So there you have it. Looking like James Bond has never been as accessible, affordable and enjoyable as it is in the modern world. You don’t have to be dressed up in a monkey suit anymore to be James Bond. Daniel Craig is the man’s man James Bond. He’s badass, sexy, and as Vesper says in the film, he wears his suit with such disdain.

In short, he’s every normal red blooded man on the planet (albeit with a seemingly limitless clothing budget, government funded training and access to the most amazing gadgets known to man!).

So what are you waiting for? Add these items to your wardrobe and Dress To Thrill today!

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