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5 Reasons Your Company Needs Corporate Yacht Charter in 2018

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A corporate yacht charter sends a powerful message of success to your customer base, your clients, your staff, and your competitors.

Imagine hosting your VIP clients on a yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix, enjoying canapes and champagne as the F1 cars scream along the track. Or perhaps you want to reward your executives with a Bahamas corporate fishing charter, or run some employee team-building exercises on a sailing yacht charter in Greece.

Best of all, imagine launching your new product on a corporate yacht charter during a conference in Cannes, the yacht heavily branded with your company logo, visible to everyone who walks past.

Corporate yacht charters are used by major brands to reinforce their market dominance, and younger companies understand the value of superyachts to signal that they plan to become a major player.

Here are five reasons your company should book a corporate yacht charter in 2018.

  1. A private, impressive place to do business

When clients and prospective clients are invited on board your corporate charter yacht for a meeting, they’ll be impressed by the power of your brand. As you host an elegant lunch on deck, or invite clients inside to the mahogany paneled dining room to close a deal in privacy, the opulent setting and refined atmosphere announces that your brand is one to be reckoned with.

  1. Throw a party to be remembered.

Superyachts host spectacular, unforgettable parties. Craft an exclusive guest list for a sophisticated cocktail party on the sundeck, or aim for something bigger with guests spilling over three decks, a band on the sundeck, and a glamorous theme that encapsulates the values of your brand.

The crew of corporate yacht charters are very experienced at throwing parties onboard, and can easily co-ordinate with any event planners or outside catering companies for larger events.


  1. World-class service sends the right message.

There’s nothing worse than booking a hotel conference space, only to find on the day that the wait staff are inexperienced temps or the food is disappointing. Superyacht crew are highly trained and well-accustomed to looking after elite guests, so you’ll never find yourself embarrassed in front of your clients because of poor service reflecting on your brand. With the captain, private chef, and stewardesses all on hand to ensure the event goes off without a hitch, your clients, investors, and future customers will go home very impressed by the caliber of people you provided to look after them.

  1. A central location, with accommodation.

Corporate yacht charters make things easy. For events and conferences in places like Cannes, the yacht is docked in the center of the action, with luxurious accommodation on board for favored clients and staff. The yacht acts not only as a restaurant and meeting place, but an event venue and accommodation.

On employee reward or team-building corporate charters, the yacht acts as a fantastic platform to bring everyone together, creating strong bonds as they eat together on deck, play on the watertoys, and snorkel coral reefs and laze about on beaches. Whether corporate events or team building charters, the captain and crew are always on hand to organize activities, book restaurants, and make sure everyone has a fantastic time.

  1. A sense of glamour and fun.

Whether it’s a client or a treasured employee, everyone is flattered and excited by an invitation onto a superyacht. Stepping aboard feels like an adventure, in a way that stepping into a hotel lobby rarely does.

As you and your chosen guests cruise off into the sunset, hear the roar of the crowd at Monaco, or swim off the back of the yacht in the Exumas you’ll realize there’s no better way to boost team morale, show a client you appreciate them, or increase your brand visibility than with a corporate yacht charter.

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