How To Replace Silverado Tail Lights

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Ensuring your tail lights are operating properly is just as important as keeping your headlights working. If your tail lights aren’t lighting up, you could be putting yourself and others at risk on the highway, especially if you’re driving at night or in poor weather conditions. To make sure other drivers can easily see your car, you should replace your tail lights immediately upon realizing they aren’t working. Changing the bulbs is actually a pretty straightforward process.

Before you even think about touching your 2005 Silverado tail lights, the first thing you should do is disconnect the battery to avoid being shocked. After taking this safety precaution, you can lower the tailgate. You’ll notice that each tail light assembly is held on with two screws. By removing these screws, the assembly will pop off, giving you easy access to the bulbs.

To remove the faulty bulb from the lamp, grab the bulb socket and turn it clockwise. Pull the old bulb out and replace it. It’s essential to wear gloves during this process to avoid injury if any glass breaks. You also want to keep the new bulbs clean — oils left from your skin can cause them to explode when they heat up.

Once you’ve replaced the faulty bulb, put it back into the housing and screw the tail light assembly back on. After you reconnect the battery, check that the lights are working correctly. These simple steps are all that it takes for this repair.

Types of Tail Light Bulbs

Most carmakers have stuck to the same type of car lighting for tail lights over the years — the halogen bulb. However, the LED bulb is quickly becoming a favorite among drivers. LEDs are brighter and longer-lasting than halogen bulbs. They also produce less heat.

As with all car body parts, which bulb you use is ultimately a personal decision. The halogen bulb is still an acceptable choice as it produces the light you need for safe driving, and it is the cheaper of the two options.

Signs You Need New Tail Lights

Knowing whether one or both of your tail lights are failing can be tricky, especially if you don’t often drive at night. However, there are signs to look for that signify a replacement is necessary.

If you turn your car on and your tail light isn’t shining, there’s a good chance it’s burned out. Another sign to look for is whether your brake lights work when you press the brake pedal. If the brake light doesn’t turn on, but the tail lights do, the problem could be that the tail light bulb needs to be replaced.

The next time you notice one of your tail lights isn’t working, or you want to keep a spare bulb on hand, visit an auto parts store in person or online to shop for a new bulb. You can find the top brands at great prices from a dependable auto parts store in your area.

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