Pride in you: why it’s okay to talk about stress and anxiety

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Balancing our responsibilities, work, relationships, and events in our personal lives all together while moving at the pace of modern life can feel far too stressful at times. It is easy, when problems and worries mount up, to feel as if you are alone and can’t reach out to anyone or to any practical solutions for dealing with your concerns. Similarly, it is just as easy for some people to discount their own experience, reasoning that since other people have it worse, they should not take their own concerns too seriously.

Both these extremes can lead to you neglecting your happiness and mental health, and both should be avoided. Talking about stress, and having pride in yourself, are the intertwined first steps to a better way of dealing with stress.

Do not discount the role of stress in your life

An incredible one in three Britons struggle with mental health to some degree. This can result in a high level of stress, and many factors and personal issues can put you under incredible stress, leading to an increase in anxiety. Even if there is just one task or part of your life that you feel anxious about, if you try to ignore it without addressing either how the problem makes you feel or its root cause, this kind of anxiety can grow to dominate a large part of your life.

Whatever the cause of your anxieties, professional advice is freely available from the NHS, to help you identify what you are dealing with. Everyone’s experience with anxiety will be different, but having an idea of what to look for and what the most common solutions are may well do you good.

Reaching out to talk

Talking to people about your feelings of stress does not have to be done with an expensive professional. If you have a friend you trust deeply and you know would be willing to listen to your problems a big first step in dealing with stress can be opening up to them about how you are feeling. Talking about your worries in a space where you will not be challenged on them can be enormously helpful.

If this does not seem possible at present see about setting aside time with a friend where you listen to their problems and aim not to insert your own thoughts into their personality, instead letting them talk and work around their stresses to find their solutions and have a space they can articulate their worries. If you put the effort into creating a space for your friend can use to talk constructively and freely about their worries, then hopefully they can learn from your example and provide you with the same.

Consider what other factors need to be sorted to reduce your anxiety

Reducing your anxiety can be a series of tiny changes which make a big difference. If there is a particular place or activity present in much of your current social life which makes you anxious, see about arranging events elsewhere, or different kinds of events. If you smoke it can be worth trying to quit, or explore CBD options for anxiety through the measure of a vape, from a licensed provider such as VSAVI.

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