7 Types of Fitted Hats To Wear for Different Occasions

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Wearing a hat is a great way to cover up a bad hair day, and it’s a good choice for your special occasion outfit. Fitted hats can be worn for fun, social occasions, and some are highly appropriate for formal occasions. These are seven types of nice fitted hats in Canada you can wear for a variety of occasions:

1. Baseball Hat

Baseball hats are casual hats with a rounded top and a flat front edge. Baseball players wear them to block the sun while playing in the summer, but plenty of people wear them as casual wear. Some come fitted, while others have adjustable straps in the back. If you want a great baseball hat for any casual outfit, consider a plain black hat without any logos.

2. Beret

Berets are round hats with a flat top. Designers usually use wool, felt, or other woven materials. This classic hat has a high-end European style to them, giving wearers a stylish, artistic look. Berets look good sitting at the back of the head, on the top, and on the side with a little dip into the forehead.

3. Fedora

Fedora hats are felt with creases on the crown and indentations on the side. They have a short brim around the perimeter. Designers are making them more modern with taller tops. Some people enjoy wearing straw fedoras on sunny summer days, especially with linen tops and casual trousers. This fitted hat is not as casual as a baseball hat, but not as formal as a top hat. Take the time to design your hair so it peeks out stylishly from the base of the fedora.

4. Newsboy

Newsboy caps are comfortable, warm, and fun. They have a floppy, flat top, like a beret, but without the French flare. Newsboy hats are larger than berets, and some have a subtle brim. While they are a fitted hat, they often have a large opening so they are easy to wear no matter the size of your head.

5. Porkpie Hat

Porkpie hats are classic hats with a flat crown, an indented top, and a short brim around the perimeter. They look like a fedora, but with more width rather than height. In Breaking Bad Walter White wore a porkpie hat, and his style gave the hat new life in the 21st Century. Porkpie hats can look formal, but they also look great with a stylish jacket and trousers.

6. Snapback Hat

Snapback hats are popular again. They look like baseball caps, but they have wider brims, mesh details, and an adjustable snap closure in the back. These hats are casual, and some people call them trucker hats. Most snapback hats have logos, so be mindful of the hat you are wearing as it conveys messages about your style.

7. Top Hat

The top hat is the ultimate in formal wear. They are tall with a wide brim – like the hats Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill wore. They look best with a tuxedo at high formal events like weddings and banquets.

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