How the iPhone Represents Technological Advancement

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Since its first release in 2007, the iPhone has changed the mobile technology landscape. The iPhone has become the new computer. And people recognize that the iPhone is now the critical tool in maximizing the potentials of the Internet. In the United States alone, 100 million individuals are using iPhones, accounting for the country’s 45.2% of the population.

While it has already established its mark in the world, it continuously expands its influence in how people communicate and operate their daily businesses. From its highly reliable mechanisms up to its cute iphone cases, one can never go wrong in choosing the iPhone.

Why Should You Go for the iPhone?


The iPhone propels individuality. A user can choose his/her personalized cute iPhone cases, but also when it serves as an extension of a person’s being.

The FaceTime feature allows a more personal way of staying in touch with loved ones despite distance by enabling video chats with high definition. Furthermore, Apple hardware like Animoji and Memoji, personalize individual mood by mirroring facial expressions of callers.

Fast and Efficient

Its high-speed specs give a better experience in using application. The results of tests performed using Geekbench 4 multi-core benchmark reveal that iPhone scores are higher with a whopping 11,420, followed by Android phones with 10,732. The iPhones also transcodes faster, with only 39 seconds at its latest compared to other phones that take up minutes.


The compatibility features of the iPhone allow its users to update the iOS whenever they want. As soon as the latest version of iOS is released, the update can be done depending on the endurance of Apple’s servers.

Also, the latest advanced hearing aid named Phonak Marvel is integrated into the iPhone. It consists of an advanced chip with over 40 million transistors and powered by Bluetooth and battery technology. It is a revolutionary change since it is the first hearing aid to support smartphones.

Softer Integration

One of the best advantages of using an iPhone is that Apple owns the whole widget, enabling the device to pull off exceptional services. Face ID securely logs a user into the iPhone through a 3D scan of the person’s face using a sensor called TrueDepth.


The iPhone remains to be the most user-friendly. Over the years, it has integrated enhancements like Siri and Control Center, which provides faster performance and ease of usage. Its built-in applications present convenience and versatility. Apple enables editing pictures via Live Photos; sending payments through ApplePay or Messages; and organizing files via Files app, the simple way.

What’s Next for the iPhone

Apple is set to release the iPhone 11 Pro on September 2019. The latest model will have three screen sizes: 5.8in, 6.1in, and 6.5in. It will also have an updated camera with dual-lens front and triple-lens rear camera. Further, it has embedded improved shatter and water resistance systems. It will also be a lot faster with its A13 Bionic processor chip.

The iPhone represents not only rapid technological advancement but also a massive shift in culture. Tech companies are striving to make new and better products so that they can keep up with the iPhone’s advancements. This fact opens more possibilities and opportunities for the tech community to serve its clients better by innovation means.

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