Guy Advice: How To Grow Your Beard

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It’s actually possible to grow a beard without letting it go so you look like a vagrant, nor trimming it so meticulously that you look like someone in One Direction or Backstreet Boy. The trick is to land somewhere in between so that you are neither baby faced or have a beard that looks unclean.

1. Beards make a face look rounder and fuller.

That’s a good thing if you have a long narrow face, but a bad one if you’re already looking like Zach G or Jonah Hill. You will look like a bearded snowman, so if that’s the case, maybe you should keep it to stubble. Use your facial structure to ensure that your beard matches and gives you better definition, after all we all want to look better.

2. Don’t let it go untrimmed.


Since you’re not shaving every day, it’s tempting to just forget that your facial hair even exists. Don’t do that. You will get weird hairs running up your cheeks and down your neck. You will look like a prisoner of war, and unless you live in Silverlake, Wicker Park, or Williamsburg, that’s not gonna fly.

3. Don’t over-groom your beard.

too trimmed

That’s even worse. If you want to look over-groomed, that’s fine, I guess, but beards sort of fly in the face of that, so it’s a very strange juxtaposition. You don’t want to look like this.

4. Clean Your Beard.

Shampoo and conditioner. Beards can smell and get dandruff. It’s sad but true.

These tips might seem like a lot of work to already your busy grooming schedule but they will be sure to do you justice and of course if you are looking for the ladies then these are a must do.

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