Maximising Your Looks With A Grooming Schedule

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Have you started the year as you finished it? Do you look like a haggard old mess with smelly breath and hair that the hobo down the street would be proud of?

If your answer is yes then you need a grooming schedule my friend.

While I regularly talk about improving your physique and becoming more manly, there are occasions when more modern, metro-sexual principles are appropriate. In this case – grooming. Now I’m not saying that you need to stock up on fake tan lotion and start painting your toe nails (both of those are entirely personal choice!) but what I am saying that timing is everything when it comes to your grooming habits.

So let’s look at the best time to groom yourself and why.

Scrub your face the night before shaving.

A lot of men use facial scrubs right before they shave, not knowing that shaving itself actually ex-foliates the skin. A better idea is to use a scrub the night before and avoid the extra aggravation to your skin.

Shave 10 minutes after waking up.

When you wake up, your face is puffy due to a build up of fluid overnight. Leave it 10 minutes to subside and you’ll have a smoother surface to work with. Also, the ten minutes will give you enough time to wake up properly so you don’t cut your own throat with the blade.

Apply your fragrance before you moisturise.

To ensure your fragrance lasts as longer as possible don’t simply spray it on with a crop duster – you’ll just make women gag! Instead, apply a normal amount to your skin first. Leave it a few minutes and apply your moisturiser. Well hydrated skin holds the fragrance for longer – which leaves you smelling fresh as a daisy all day long.

Style your hair before it’s dry.

The best time to apply your new extra-strong wax is when your hair is damp. Too wet and you’ll dilute the product, making it look crap. Too dry and you’ll look like you got out of bed on the wrong side! Towel dry your hair and wait 10 minutes before waxing it up.

Brush your teeth before breakfast.

Most people, myself included, have grown up brushing their teeth after breakfast. That was until I discovered that drinking fruit juice with an acidic pH value damages the tooth enamel. Now I brush before breakfast. Although I do have to leave it for ten minutes because orange juice tastes vile after you first brush your teeth

Moisturise last thing at night.

Water loss through the skin is greatest at night so you’d be better off applying your cream or lotion before going to bed. It’s also more beneficial when you’re crawling into bed because the cream will be better absorbed in a warm bed.

Treat a spot before bed.

Got a zit? Apply your cream or treatment before going to sleep. This gives it time to go to work without the skin having to deal with pollution and UV exposure.

Use an anti-aging cream at night.

Yeah, yeah I know it’s girly but the skin switches to repair mode at night, which makes it the best time to reverse skin damage. Plus, we’ll all be old one day, but we might as well make it look good!

If you’ve got any great skincare tips or secrets that keep you looking hunky and masculine then please drop us a message in the comments so that we can all benefit from your wisdom. After all, there’s nothing much more satisfying than being a wingman to a less fortunate guy.


Another great way to look better day to day… GET TO BED.  You can moisturize all day long, but its not going to help the bags under your eyes like a good 8 hours will!

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