Girl in Miniskirt Causes Riot at Brazilian University

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Remember the time when Geisy Arruda became an overnight Internet sensation after she caused a riot at Brazil’s Bandeirante University in Sao Bernardo do Campo for wearing a short, pink miniskirt to school.

On October 22nd Arruda walked into school wearing the now famous outfit and hundreds of students started heckling her. The situation got so out of hand the local police had to be called in to escort Arruda out of the school safely.

Video of the incident was posted in YouTube and picked up by Brazilian media:

Alas, the hot mama has now been expelled from school. Her university even went so far as to take out ads in the Sunday newspaper publicly accusing her of immorality. The ads say that 20-year old Arruda disrespected “ethical principles, academic dignity and morality.”Apparently, while wearing a thing to the beach is just fine in Brazil, wearing a miniskirt to class is big, big no-no.

It is crazy for a country so liberal with their bodies that this would cause a storm. You only have to go to Brazil and visit the Carnival to understand how free the locals are. Perhaps this was more than just a simple expulsion from the school. The girl in question has now gone on to be a famous reality tv star so not all is bad.


Despite having the expulsion repealed, Arruda decided not to return to her university. This whole incident made her a national celebrity.With her new fame, Arruda appeared on many television shows, posed naked and participated in Carnival

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