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Everyday Upgrades You Need

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Everything that you can do to feel more comfortable can make your entire day a little better. Making the things that you need to use and wear more functional and comfortable can make a surprising difference in your attitude. Resultantly, the attitude adjustment that just a few simple upgrades can bring may actually enhance your overall productivity. Here are some upgrades to the things that you use everyday that you’ll appreciate having for years to come.

Ergonomic Keyboard

If you spend more than just a couple hours of day on a computer, odds are that your wrists or shoulders aren’t always happy about it. Getting an ergonomically designed keyboard can make hours of typing a lot more manageable.

Look for an option that allows you to split your keyboard into two sections so you can keep your hands an optimal distance apart from one another while resting your wrists and aligning your shoulders comfortably.

Non Binding Underwear

Underwear that leaves deep creases in your skin or doesn’t give all of your anatomy room to breathe can feel extremely unpleasant. Also, it may lead to excessive sweating or even restricted movements. However, a lot of your clothes may be cut in such a way that they don’t leave much room for a looser fit without showing visible underwear lines.

A great solution is to wear mens pouch underwear. You’ll have plenty of room in the front without extra room that you don’t need in the seat.

Polarized Sunglasses

While you may like having mirrored shades, they’re simply not the best choice if they’re not polarized. Sunglasses with polarized lenses make you better able to see things with enhanced clarity and detail in bright sunlight.

Polarized lenses enhance the color of everything that you look at by reducing glare. They’re great for driving, heading to the beach or the park, or just going out for a walk.

Supportive Insoles

The insoles that come in most shoes are greatly inferior to the support and comfort offered by custom insoles. A podiatrist can help you select the right type of insole for your arch and gait. If you ever experience discomfort in your knees, SI joint or lower back, an insole upgrade can make a surprisingly big difference.

Jersey Knit Sheets

A lot of people really like the crispness of clean sheets, but the softness of a pair of jersey knit sheets is really tough to beat. Instead of a rough and starchy feeling fabric, jersey knit cotton feels feel like a super soft old t-shirt that drapes over you snugly and perfectly.

In contrast to flannel sheets, a good quality of cotton jersey sheets doesn’t get rougher or thinner as you wash them. Instead, really soft cotton sheets get increasingly softer over time.

Nasal Strips or Dilators

If you’ve ever watched a football game or other competitive sporting event and seen athletes wearing strips on their noses, you may have concluded that their sole purpose is to help you take in more oxygen for physical activity. However, opening up your nasal passageways is also a great way to help yourself relax and feel comfortable when you get into bed.

In addition to a strip that pulls your nasal passages open from the outside, you can also use a nasal dilator that can open up your nostrils from the inside. You’ll notice an appreciable difference in how much these tools improve your nose’s functionality. While neither nose strips or nasal dilators can substitute for a CPAP device if you have serious issues with breathing while you’re in bed, they can both help you sleep more soundly and restfully through the night.

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