The Rockstars That Made Clothing Cool

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Rockstars have always had a little flair in how they dressed. It’s part of their make-up to be flamboyant, stand out from a crowd and plenty of us average Joes follow.

While the meat dress of Lady Gaga has never quite caught on, or the mirror hat of Noddy Holder hasn’t been replicated on the high streets of Britain, many trends have from the swinging sixties, right through to present day.

But who are the rockstars that made the seemingly uncool, cool?

Elvis Presley & The Hawaiian Shirt

The Hawaiian shirt has been rocked by a number of stars down the years, but it was perhaps Elvis’ Blue Hawaii which got the ball rolling. The 1961 film saw the King sport a bright red number with cream flowers.

Sharp but casual, it was a game-changer and a look very few others have replicated quite like him. Even almost 60 years on the Hawaiian shirt is a real summer staple and is one of 2019’s must haves according to many designers and pundits.

Run-DMC & Adidas Superstar

Run-DMC were frustrated by the glitz and the glam of the hip-hop scene and were instrumental in bringing the street look into the mainstream. The likes of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were being pushed into flamboyant outfits made by expensive designers, but Run-DMC kept it street and became synonymous with the brand Adidas.

At the heart of that was the Superstar sneaker, an old basketball shoe that would eventually go and take the world by storm. Their song, “My Adidas” was released in 1986 as homage to their favourite brand, and it landed them a $1million contract. Never would they have to pay for shoes again!

The look involved removing the laces of their Superstars, reflecting prison life and since the brand has released a number of special editions in collaboration with the band.

Bruce Springsteen & Levi’s

While Levi’s have long been a powerhouse brand, they’ve been helped hugely by music and the culture surrounding it. From the 1950s through to 80s they were popular with the Mods and Rockers, while throughout the beginnings of punk with Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground and The Ramones, Levi’s were often worn.

It’s Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA that has made the blue jean a real icon though. Released in 1984 the album was a huge commercial success, selling 30 million copies across the planet.

Think of Levi’s blue jeans even today and you won’t be far off The Boss, whether it be the album cover or the Dancing in the Dark video which sees Bruce and Courtney Cox rocking the denim.

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