Self-Cleaning Surface Eradicates Viruses

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We are always looking for products that standout from the rest and ones we can feature on This week we came across a product unlike anything else we have seen on the market. Considering the times we are in and the need for innovative products, this is right up there. Companies are racing to develop products that can help and assist users around the world but none have come close to this.

Imagine having a touch pad which has self-cleaning technology that eradicates germs including viruses from the surface within minutes. That product is now available at SDA Systems and is named NanoSeptic.

Proven to Eradicate Viruses Within Minutes on Contact.

These are big claims from the UK based company so we decided to reach out and request further information regarding the technology and its ability to remove viruses from the surface. SDA Systems were quick to respond and send across full information including lab reports taken at approved centers in the US and Internationally.

Bacterial test results before and after.

Introduction Video

Whilst everyone is wearing masks and walking into bars and restaurants etc, we are all still touching the same door handles etc. True we can use our foot, elbow or little finger but surely this not the solution. If you own a place in which people share the same doors etc then this is a must product as we move forward.

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