5 Surprising Health Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

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Wondering if smoking hemp flower is good or bad for you? This article puts it all on the table and lets you decide for yourself. After all, every substance, recreational or medicinal, is balanced by its inherit risks and benefits.

We’ll go over the five most surprising benefits of smoking hemp flower and explain a bit about each one.

Read until the end to learn something new that you didn’t know about hemp flower!

Lung Function

Smoking anything is a generally a risk, but to date there is no evidence that smoking hemp flower causes long-term problems with breathing or airflow. In fact, hemp compounds’ properties exert an anti-inflammatory bronchodilator effect that opens airways. Of course, this effect is only short-lived.

While smoking hemp flower isn’t going to reverse an asthma attack, a recent report smoking hemp’s effect on lung function from Health Harvard says that,

Smoking hemp flower in moderation may actually improve lung function, perhaps because inhaling gives the lungs and the chest muscles a bit of a workout.”

Pain Relief

Smoking hemp flower brings beneficial compounds into the body that activates innate pain-relief mechanisms. There are a number of different functions activated by hemp compounds thought to reduce pain perceptions multiple ways including –

  • Boosting anandamide endocannabinoids by blocking FAAH enzymes
  • Suppressinginflammatory cytokine compounds
  • Moderating “pain signals” sent to the brain
  • Enhancing the release of natural pain relief chemicals in the body

All of these factors combined create a holistic mechanism naturally calming pain relief. Even in the case of serious pain problems, hemp compounds such as CBD are shown to potentially reduce the amount of dangerous opioids required for adequate pain relief. Learn more at MrHempFlower.


Are you in a bad mood all the time? Having trouble shaking off negative emotions? Hemp flower has an enjoyable mood-boosting effect that lightens up mental space.

Hemp compounds activate the release of dopamine and serotonin, and increase the presence of mood-boosting endocannabinoids in the bloodstream. This, alongside hemp flower’s additional alleviating properties, can help bring out a more optimistic and joyful side of you that others will notice.

Sleep Better

It’s no surprise that CBD hemp flower helps improve sleep issues related topain, stress, and inflammation. But did you know taking CBD during the day improves the ability to fall asleep at night?

Enjoying a high-CBD pre-roll of Hawaiian Haze during the daytime provides active relief and focused concentration helping keep you engaged in flow. After an active, engaging day, it’s more natural for the body to shift into relax mode. At night when it’s time to sleep, CBD encourages relief and rest.

Research reveals that CBD is safe for sleep, and many people taking CBD report a powerful, sedative-like response, especially when first trying hemp flower.

Some studies indicate that the compounds in hemp flower improve the onset and duration of sleep. And those results match up with a growing mountain of anecdotal data from people reporting improvements in sleep health after taking CBD hemp flower.

Focused Concentration

Finding it hard to focus on getting work or study done? The mind runs with rushing, stressful thoughts and the body won’t seem to settle right.

Anyone who’s tried to sit in front of a computer for more than a few hours of writing is familiar with that anxious sensation of needing to move around or seeking distraction from the task at hand.

To experience all this while trying to focus on important things greatly hinders our creative flow and the ability to concentrate. CBD offers a naturally calming, focused sensation that helps you feel:

  • Uplifted in mood, allowing you to be more optimistic
  • Clear minded from anxious thought increasing productivity
  • Calm nerves and relaxed muscles

Add better sleep, reduced pain and inflammation, and improved mood to the cognitive benefits of CBD hemp flower and you’ve got a powerhouse plant product that could improve your quality of life today.

Bonus Brain Benefits

Did you know that CBD in hemp flower also has benefits on the brain? Studies suggest that cannabidiol has a type of restorative effect on aspects of cognition that may turn out to be beneficial for people with neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia.

And research indicates that cannabidiol exerts a neuro-protective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties on the brain that may be beneficial for people suffering head injuries and stroke.

Of course, further research is required to create clinical applications of CBD’s therapeutic properties. And smoking CBD hemp flower alone won’t treat or cure any defined medical condition. For more detailed information, click here.

Always consult a medical professional for serious health issues.

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