Everybody feels crummy sometimes. There is no shame in that. Don’t feel bad about not being at your best all the time. It is absolutely OK to fall into a rut and you don’t need to make things worse by kicking yourself while you’re down.

What you should do, though, is try to recognize when things aren’t going great. The earlier the better. That way, you hopefully won’t have to endure this stretch any longer than necessary. You will be able to snap out of it sooner and get your mojo back.

Honestly, sometimes it just takes time. But in other cases, you can proactively do some small things to break out.

Specifically, try some of the following four tips when you just can’t seem to shake it off.

1. Accomplish Something

A lot of times, people who lose their mojo are stuck into a routine. They may be doing things every day and just can’t generate satisfaction. If all your accomplishments are run-of-the-mill and typical for you — like turning in another version of the same work project — you won’t feel like you’re doing anything. On the contrary, even doing something very small that’s out of the ordinary can give you confidence and help you exit a rut. Try making homemade pasta for the first time. Take a local hiking trail up a hill you haven’t been up in years. Build a birdhouse. Change your oil. Go take some photos. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be some massive achievement of human history. It just has to different and rewarding — to you.

2. Get Moving

There are lots of reasons that you might fall into a funk. But some of it can be about hormones, blood sugar, and other biochemistry nuances. And sometimes just getting moving with a little exercise can shake things up enough to alter your mood. Don’t confuse exercise advice with a need to get out there and shed pounds or improve your heart health. Feeling like you have to be healthy can be a cause of anxiety. But if you take a run, ride your bike five miles, lift some weights, swim, or even just go for a long walk, you might feel much better very soon.

3. Stress Management

All your life, everyone is telling you to avoid stress. That’s great advice! Most of the time. There is, however, some types of physical stress that can sometimes help you through a process known as hormesis. A sauna, for example, subjects your body to high temperatures that might trigger heat shock protein responses. A small dose of toxins in the form of a glass of wine (or two!) can potentially have a beneficial effect. Some people love to jump into an icy lake in the polar bear club. Or things like acupuncture and certain types of high-pressure massage can produce similar effects. You don’t have to go overboard. But putting some stress on your body can help for some people.

4. Practice Self Care

Even when you’re feeling down emotionally or mentally, doing some physical care can go a long way toward lifting your spirits. At worst, it can be a welcome distraction for a little bit and many people do get a boost when they see themselves looking their best in the mirror. A haircut can be great. A decadent massage can work wonders. And finding the best face serum for your skin and doing an at-home facial routine can be a big help. You will look and feel better with even a small makeover and beautiful glow to your skin — while boosting your self-confidence.

Getting Your Mojo Back Quickly

If you’re really going through some deep issues and truly trying times, it is definitely normal to feel down. This can last a long time. And even when everything is seemingly going fine, we can fall into a hole and linger there for weeks — or longer.

This will inevitably happen. But you can sometimes exit this mood even more quickly with a few simple practices. Try to accomplish something that will make you feel more confident. Try some minor exercise that will get your blood flowing. Consider counter-intuitively introducing some physical stressors. Or practice some self care to look and feel your best.

Chances are, one of these tips will work. And, just like that, you’ll be back to your old self in no time.