Best Home Gadgets to Have in Your New Apartment

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Are you moving into a new luxury apartment? This is an exciting time as you branch out on your own or get established in a new community. Your fresh, new apartment is a blank canvas for your decorating ideas, and you can make the most out of it with some home gadgets. Here are some cool and interesting things to consider adding to your apartment.


A flat screen LED TV gives you exceptional picture quality without bulk. This is important in an apartment, where you need to save space whenever possible. With a flat LED TV, you can even mount the TV to the wall to save a significant amount of floor space.

Amazon ECHO

The Echo device, aka Alexa, is about as compact as it comes, but puts a wealth of information and entertainment at your fingertips. Ask Alexa the weather, request your favorite tunes, and even get the news from the device. If you are looking for an even more compact option, consider the Amazon Echo Dot, which is a bit smaller. Connect this to a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music everywhere in your apartment. You can even connect ti to a smart home device to control your thermostat, lights, and more with just your voice.

A Smart Plug

A smart plug allows you to transform your apartment into a smart home. Simply plug the smart plug into an outlet, then plug in the devices you wish to control. Then, using just an app on your phone, turn on and control the items. Some even have “away” modes that allow you to randomly turn lights on and off when you are not home, making it appear that someone is in the apartment.

A Smart Mirror

A smart mirror in the bathroom gives you instant access to information while you’re getting ready in the morning. Listen to your favorite tunes, grab the weather or the news on the mirror, or even watch YouTube while you’re getting ready for the day. Simply install over your existing bathroom mirror, and make your apartment feel tech savvy.

Roomba Vacuum

An automatic vacuum that can handle both carpet and hard floors? That’s what the Roomba offers. today’s version of the vacuum cleaning robot is also “smart.” Control it using an app on your phone, and you can come home to freshly vacuumed floors without lifting more than one finger.

Smart Crock-Pot

Even your Crock-Pot can now come with wireless technology. Keep tabs on dinner as it cooks, so you never come home to charred soup or chicken, even if you get stuck at work. Simply use your phone to switch the Crock-Pot from “cook” to “warm,” and protect that dinner that you’re so hungry for!

Technology gives you the chance to enjoy your apartment to the fullest. Add some of these gadgets, and make your life just a little easier. For more tech and gadget stories then visit our page here.


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