A Beginner’s Guide When Buying Pre-owned Watches

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Are you searching for the next addition to your watch collection? There are plenty of options in the market. Some watch enthusiasts like luxurious brands straight out of the box. Meanwhile, others opt for pre-owned watches. Are you confused about which one to pick? Don’t be. One thing for sure, both are worth it. Do you feel like buying a pre-owned watch, but you somehow feel lost?

Well, you are in luck. Why? Because this article is all about a beginner’s guide when buying pre-owned watches. But first, let us answer that single question in your head? Why do you have to buy pre-powered watches?

Why Buy Pre-Owned Watches?

Being a watch collector does not necessarily need luxurious brands. Buying a brand new timepiece is exhilarating. The discovery of pre-owned watches gives the same joy to watch enthusiasts. It led to a market explosion in the last decade. Still not convinced? Here are four compelling reasons why buying pre-owned watches are way better.

More Affordable

Price is the first and foremost factor. It is the most significant consideration when buying second-hand watches. Compared to brand new timepieces, it is more affordable than purchasing from the official store. So, think first before you buy a brand new one. Pre-owned watches look and function just the same as the new one.

Avoid Initial Depreciation

Getting luxury watches is like procuring a car. The value depreciates right after you use it. It moves from new to pre-owned. Meanwhile, buying pre-owned watches circumvent the depreciation value. It means you purchased at the depreciated value of the wristwatch already. Furthermore, it still works after decades without being devalued. If you do this, you are safe from the initial price reduction. Thus, making it a financially wiser choice.

Wider Range Of Models

Brand new watch purchases limit you to current models. On the other hand, the pre-owned watch market gives a vast array of models. It includes previous versions of watches, limited editions, and even discontinued styles. You get to choose models and price points that are within your budget.

A Lot Convenient

Online purchases of brand new Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and other expensive watches are not available. Contrary to this is second-hand watches. Most pre-owned watch retailers are online. Browse their collection at your own pace. Plus, you see what you are getting. Buying second-hand watches let you get your timepiece without stepping out of your home. Do this with the trusted and reputable watch retailer.

As a newbie in the watch collection, pre-owned watches are effortless to afford without sacrificing on style. Getting your first purchase on the cheap feels rewarding. But before you add to the cart, read the beginner’s guide when buying pre-owned watches.

Quick Tip When Buying Pre-Owned Watches

The pre-owned watch market greatly improved in recent years. Buying a second-hand watch is an excellent way to save money. However, watch out for many pitfalls. Do not be scared. Just keep in mind these key points before making your purchase.

Search about the Seller

Make it a habit to check online reviews. Feedbacks reassure you that the seller is honest and genuine. It gives you an idea of how good the seller operates. Also, check the company out. Browse their social media channels and third-party review sites. Google even provides a holistic view of the seller for pre-owned watches or watch parts to mod such as seiko skx007 ceramic bezel inserts.

Do not forget to visit the official website or showroom. It proves if the business is legitimate. What if a seller cannot present the product in person or provide high-quality imagery? Think twice before you seal the deal.

Check for Transparent Returns Policy

Always ask for the return policy. Some products look great online, but not quite when it arrives. If the second-hand watch is not what you expect it to be, you should be able to return it. The basic is within 30 days of your purchase. Reputable online sellers understand this situation. Some offer a full refund, while others exchange it with a new one. And take note, there is not too much fuss about it.

Ask for Warranty

For every purchase, a warranty is a must. Ensure that the seller offers a guarantee with the pre-owned watch you like. Also, check if they are qualified to service it. Some sellers claim to have serviced a watch. However, be sure that whoever works on it knows what they are doing. Add to that, confirm if they use genuine parts.

Official watch retailers have accredited service centers. They have professionally trained watchmakers.

Know the Origins of the Watch

Legitimate pre-owned watch sellers are knowledgeable of their products. They explain where they purchased your potential new timepiece. Not only that. These sellers know how to operate with complete transparency. To be sure, they run background checks on their stock – records of theft. Thus, ensure the safety of both the seller and the buyer.

Trust Your Guts

Buying pre-owned watches and Seiko mods are undeniably more popular than ever. Days of finding a Rolex at a bargain price is now long gone.

When planning to get a second-hand piece, do your research first. Learn more about the watch you are interested in. Get a good grasp on the current pre-owned market value. Some brands and models offer a good saving on the recommended retail price. Generally, it is 30-70% off. Be careful of watch prices considerably under the pre-owned market rate. There is a high chance of being either stolen or counterfeit. In the worst case, it is a Frankenstein watch. A timepiece made from a mixture of parts from other wristwatches.

If the pre-owned watch seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Always have the newly purchased timepiece checked with the manufacturer. Or maybe get it serviced. If it turns out to be stolen or counterfeit, you run the risk of the item being seized or destroyed. As a newbie in the second-hand wristwatch industry, you need to be extra cautious. Follow the advice above to get an excellent and secure deal.

With this in mind, be one of the thousands of watch enthusiasts. There is nothing wrong when you get second-hand items. It has a lot of benefits. Make sure to buy from reputable sellers. Look for verified reviews left by previous customers. You pay less when you know more. Take note of this beginner’s guide when buying pre-owned watches.

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