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How to Create the Most Magical Wedding Proposal

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Ready to pop the question? Proposing can put a toll on anyone. You are hoping she would say yes, while creating a moment that both of you probably be retelling your friends and later your children. That’s why it’s important to make that magical moment even more magical.

How to Create the most magical proposal

Let’s plan your special wedding proposal!

The Ring

The ring is a vital element here. The right engagement ring differs from person to person. While some like big diamonds, others like something that doesn’t say show-off. And then there are the design choices: modern or classic? Colored stone or clear? Carat sizes?

Figure out a way to find out her style. Maybe ask her friends for suggestions. Take one of her spare rings along for sizing when you go buying your ring.

If budget is a constraint, you should know that now it’s possible to buy lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds are indistinguishable to the common eye as they have the same makeup as mined diamonds. have beautiful designs at amazing price points.

The Proposal

When planning the proposal, keep her in mind. How do you like she would like to be proposed? Introverts prefer something personal, while extroverts might want to go all the way and make it big. Other things you might want to consider are the place, time and setting. How you play this depends on you as a couple and both of your personalities. Stay true to yourselves when planning the proposal. You might want to take inspiration from Pinterest but try to personalize it to your own story.

Arrange for the Props

Flowers, Confetti, or even fake rain. Props help add a magical element to the proposal. If you are planning to add a few props, don’t leave it to the last day. Plan in advance for all the props. You might want to stash them at your friend’s place for a few days.

Plan for Emergencies

Sometimes our most important moments tend to get the most chaotic. Plan for any emergencies. Get a Plan B in action. If her favorite restaurant isn’t available for booking, what other options do you have? Also, what’s your plan if it rains or your car breaks down.

How Do you want to remember it?

Everything is visual nowadays. You may want to preserve the memory of this important day. These pictures can become the prelude of your wedding album later on.

If it is okay with both of you, you might want to ask a friend to film or photograph the moment. Choose a reliable friend. Get someone who is good with pictures. Looking at their Instagram profile will probably make the decision easier. Recharge your phone or any other device you are planning to use. Make the backdrop aesthetic so that it comes out good in camera. Ask your friend to be ready when the time comes. Take pictures from different angles.

Is it a Surprise?

Are you planning to surprise her with your proposal? Everyone loves a bit of a surprise. I’m sure she would too. If you are planning to surprise her, you might have to ask her friend to help out. For instance, keep the ring and props at their place while you prepare for the special day.

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