5 Unusual Hobbies That Are Growing In Popularity

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We are all different but our passions bring us together, regardless of our location, culture, and way of life. People everywhere have hobbies, but while some consider fishing or hiking a hobby, some have more unusual inclinations. But the weirdest thing is that you can always count on the Internet to make a trend out of an unorthodox activity!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most unusual hobbies that are actually popular.

#1: Geocaching

Who doesn’t love searching for hidden treasures? Geocaching is the modern version of treasure hunting as players use technology to discover hidden containers. The cool thing is that the activity allows you to meet new people and make friends from all over the world (there are both global and local treasure hunts).  

The hobby is so popular nowadays, that there’s even a site where you can join in an active treasure hunt whenever you feel like it.

#2: Extreme Ironing

If the name makes you think about someone ironing their shirt on top of a mountain, that’s exactly what this is!

Also known as EI, this is a competitive sport and it challenges participants at ironing their clothes in extreme conditions (while surfing or rock climbing for instance).

#3: Drifting

While it may not be as weird as Extreme Ironing, drifting is not exactly something anyone can do. You need to have the right car and the right set of skills for this, but the results are spectacular for both drivers and spectators.

Furthermore, there are even organized events where drivers get to compete to be proclaimed as the drift king or queen.

#4: Airsoft

There is something extremely attractive in playing military simulation game like airsoft; and the most serious players progress by using the best airsoft guns and other specialized gear and accessories. The thrill of the chase, the overcoming of obstacles, and having fun in an outdoor setting is enticing and many people seem to like this as a hobby.

#5: Toy Voyaging

Nowadays even toys are in need of a vacation! It may seem weird, but people are quite keen on sending their toys on an exotic vacation – after all, if you can’t afford to go to Paris, at least you can send your teddy bear.

There is even a site, where you can ask for a host for your toys, in the location you want to send it. Of course, in return, you will have to be the host for someone else’s toy. The site is quite advanced and people are actually interested in sending their toys abroad and getting pictures of them having fun and enjoying a life with no worries.  

As you can see, people can get into all sorts of stuff, but just because most of us don’t understand a certain pleasure, it doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting or even satisfactory. After all, as long as an activity doesn’t harm anyone, it shouldn’t be dismissed just because it’s unusual!

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