3 Things Lawn Tractor Buyers Always Forget to Ask

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There are a few things many people forget when buying their first lawn tractor. Aspects like a machine’s warranty or attachments may be overlooked compared to machine features like horsepower, but in reality, they can make or break your experience with the machine. Make sure to take the following factors into consideration to ensure you get the best experience and use from your lawn tractor.


First things first, make sure you understand the warranty of the lawn tractor before settling on a machine. Well established manufacturers like Cub Cadet will offer robust warranties broken out in terms of different aspects of the machine. Look for information on a lawn tractor’s warranty either in the support area or individual products listings on the manufacturer’s website, or inquire at your local retailer. Your local dealer may be able to register your lawn tractor directly with the manufacturer when you make your purchase. Each manufacturer will have a different warranty, so it’s important to choose one that suits your needs best. On average, 2-3 years is the most common length, but some manufacturers also offer options such as warranty extensions and packages. Make sure to check with your local retailer for more information.

Size and style

Besides the warranty, another aspect that is very important to know is which mower style and size will fit your needs best. Standard lawn tractors, which commonly are smaller and have a simpler design, are ideal for tighter yards that only need a regular grass trim but are a bit too big a job for a walk-behind mower. On the other hand, bigger garden tractors have more power and a larger engine, making them perfect for more acreage. Apart from style, it is also important to consider the size of your lawn tractor’s cutting width. Lawn tractors with a smaller cutting width are better for getting into tight spaces on smaller lawns or those with a lot of garden beds of varying sizes and shapes (though if you have a very challenging yard layout you may want to consider a zero-turn mower instead). Bigger mower decks are recommended for large and open yards as the increased width directly translates to fewer passes to completely mow the area.


Something that many buyers don’t realise when purchasing a lawn tractor is that they can be used for multiple purposes if you buy the right accessories. One of the most common accessories are baggers which can be used to store grass cuttings. Other accessories like sunshades and arm rests allow you to personalize your ride and help make it as comfortable as possible. In addition, those looking to get the most from their lawn tractor can also opt for add-ons such as a snow thrower attachment and leaf clearers, making it possible to get the most out of your machine year-round. When buying, make sure to check which lawn tractor is compatible with the accessories and attachments you’d like to use. You’ll find all sorts of examples of uses for lawn tractors online.

These three things are few of the important considerations you might miss when making a decision while buying a lawn tractor, so make sure to take them into account.

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