Why You Should be Wearing Your Political Statements

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In our current digital landscape, it’s almost impossible to separate yourself from politics. When biased political statements and fake news can so easily infiltrate social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook, it’s important to know where you stand on certain issues. Part of knowing where you stand is also being aware of the fact that everybody’s lifestyle is inherently political whether you like it or not. Whether it’s the clothes you wear, which company is manufacturing them, or where you shop, you partake in some sort of political action whenever you choose your outfit for the day. Keeping that in mind, if you have to partake in some sort of political action, why wouldn’t you want to make it something you believe in?


Because expressing yourself politically is not just an important trend, but also a constitutional right, we’ve made a list of 3 of the best ways to express yourself politically with your clothing:

#1. Wear Political Merch

Want to show people who your favorite politician is? Buy and wear their merch! Chances are, the proceeds will go to their political campaign as well, so you can feel confident in the fact that you’re contributing something substantial to the cause. Another good option is to donate to a political charity. Through supporting them, it’s likely that you’ll get clothing and swag to go along with it, allowing you to proudly display your affiliation!

#2. Customize Your Own Shirts

By far the most effective way you can display your political view with your clothing is to design your own custom political t-shirt. As you’re only limited by your own imagination, you can ensure that you express your political views in the way that is most true to you. Whether you are looking to back a candidate, or show support for a specific social justice movement, the designs are only limited by what you can come up with! Custom Ink has a great selection of t-shirt styles ready for you to make your own – so click here to get started!

By far the most effective way you can display your political view with your clothing is to design your own custom political t-shirt.

#3. Make a Statement with Your Dollar

One of the most effective things you can do with your money is put it where your politics are. For example, giving money to organizations that don’t follow the same politics as you do is a way of contributing to those political causes. If a store you buy shirts at donates a portion of their proceeds to a political campaign you don’t like, show where your politics are by not shopping at that store anymore. It might seem difficult to not get your favorite products from a certain place, but in the long run you’ll show your politics on your metaphorical and literal sleeves! If you know a local business that supports good political causes, that’s even better! This also doesn’t mean you have to resort to different types of outfits—it’s perfectly possible to still have fancy fashion while also using your money wisely!

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