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Why Do People Enjoy Cannabis and Tobacco?

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Why do people enjoy tobacco and cannabis? Despite many sources arguing against the use of both tobacco and cannabis for health reasons, and despite the legal restrictions placed on the usage of both, many still choose to enjoy both cannabis and tobacco. This leads many to question why people enjoy it.

While there are many different reasons people may enjoy it, and each person may have their own unique reasons or motivations, there are some common reasons that many experiences. There are overlapping benefits between tobacco and cannabis usage that explain why each is enjoyed. Here are three of the reasons people enjoy cannabis and tobacco.

Social Aspect

There is a social aspect to using tobacco and cannabis that brings people together. When you are at work or out in public, people often go in groups to take a smoke break. Since most places don’t allow smoking indoors, there are designated smoking areas that smokers can mingle and get to know other smokers.

Good Stuff Tobacco has capitalized on the social aspect of smoking and using tobacco products by presenting it as a lifestyle brand. They offer good stuff pipe tobacco, menthol gold pipe tobacco, cigars, and various tobacco blends to provide different tastes and smoothness. With the changes in laws regarding cannabis in recent years and the increased public usage of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, there has been a cultural shift there. Many now view cannabis usage as a lifestyle, and there are a variety of products and accessories that go along with that lifestyle.


Using a portable vaporizer allows cannabis and tobacco users to smoke at times and in places they may not normally smoke. This allows them to relax more when out and about because they don’t need to worry about getting stuck somewhere and not smoke when they want or need to. Smokeless vape pens allow the user to avoid attention and possible criticism by others allowing them to be in stealth mode.

Companies like Bloom and Oil and Good Tobacco have made it their mission to serve their customers’ needs and celebrate customers. These companies focus on their customers’ lifestyles and needs by continually offering new product lines and accessories to make their lives easier and more relaxed. Bloom and Oil sell a full line of grasshopper vape pens that come with a lifetime warranty, long battery life, high vapor quality, a variety of flavors, and an affordable price.

Stress Relief

While tobacco and cannabis users may not have thought out all of the ways their activity can reduce stress, they know that they feel less stressed after smoking, so there is an immediate mental and emotional reward.

When something is enjoyed and provides stress relief, it’s often because the individual doesn’t have to overthink it or analyze it — they can do it and reap the benefits. There are many ways to reduce, but a lot of them also involve work that initially creates more stress and anxiety. Enjoying tobacco and cannabis requires little to no work or thought.

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