Under priced Broadband Deals in March 2019

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Here is a little secret – there are scads of great broadband deals on the market at the end of every three month quarter. March is, you guessed it, the end of a quarter, so there are huge savings to be had if you know how to find them.

This is your lucky day; these are the most under priced broadband deals in March 2019 that we found online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Find Underpriced Broadband

The secret to effective comparison-shopping for broadband is to find a great online search tool that gives you the most information at once. Choosing the best provider can be confusing, so most people do not even attempt to gather the information themselves before switching. By using a comparison tool like Simply Switch Broadband, you’ll get the best deals.

There are so many choices, from length of contract to speed, plus they all offer different packages at different prices. With the comparison tool, you just type in your postcode and all your choices are in front of you, in detail. You can sort by speed, contract length or cost level, and you can choose only the providers you want to work with.

With the comparison tool, you just type in your postcode and all your choices are in front of you, in detail.

Available Deals

As of 14 March 2019, the cheapest deal in the Midlands postcode we chose is from TalkTalk, who offered an 18-month contract, no upfront fees and up to 76 Mbps unlimited fast fibre for £22.45 per month. Unfortunately, this deal charged 15p per minute for landline calls, days, nights, and weekends.

If you use a landline quite a bit, this may not be the deal for you, but that is why you have to shop around! To add unlimited calls to this package bumped the price up to £29.95 per month. Both these deals are underpriced, as the speed alone makes them worth more.

Another deal was offered by John Lewis Broadband, who put forward a 12-month contract, no fees, but only 38 Mbps unlimited for £26.00 per month.

A PC security package is included, as are evening and weekend calls, which officially makes this deal under priced, especially if you are a heavy landline user. The speed, however, may not be suitable for some households, especially if you have gamers or streamers in the family.

Is It Under Priced?

Let us up the ante and look at the most expensive deal available in our Midlands postcode. Even though it is the highest priced deal listed in our search tool, perhaps it is an offer too good to refuse. The most expensive offer is from BT, and it is an 18-month contract for unlimited 76 Mbps superfast fibre that includes free weekend calls.

Unfortunately, the offer is £109.99 per month, which is ghastly compared to the offers above, but just wait. This deal includes BT Sport so the football lover in your house will be over-the-moon. The deal also includes 180 channels, so your telly watching can really get hard-core.

This deal is for you only if it saves you money over what you have now for broadband, landline, and television combined. The convenience of having a single provider also makes this plan worth a second look.

Next Steps

If you are one of the 10 million customers paying too much for your broadband service because you have not changed suppliers for a while, it is time to rethink and switch to a cheaper deal.

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