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Hi, my name is Beau.

I have a beautiful girlfriend named Liz who I love dearly and always support. Liz is a very kind & caring person. She looks out for her friends and works very hard to get what she wants. When she smiles, she gets these little, squishy cheeks that light up my day. And the 2nd best sound she makes is her contagious laugh. She is just so cute. But so are badgers.

Last summer Liz worked two bartending jobs while completing her Masters Degree. She went weeks without a day off, and many days were filled with double 9-hour shifts. Her days off were spent studying, reading and writing papers… on Industrial Psychology. And the bartending jobs weren’t easy.

One of her bartending jobs was at a day-club-pool-party where she was continually bantered by bottle rats and pool bros. The other bartending job was at a high-volume nightclub where she got covered in smoke machine residue, pounded by bass waves and blinded by laser beams. I would try and describe her Industrial Psychology program, but I didn’t understand it.

Each night she came home ridden with anxiety, and I felt powerless. My playful, teasing jokes weren’t funny anymore and tickling her became way too risky. And my “ohhh commeee onnnn baybay, it’s not that bad” sarcastic voice only got the look of death . I felt terrible for her; I could tell her stress was eating her alive. And that was just the first week of her final semester.

A few months earlier, my buddy Mike and I had actually launched an anti-anxiety CBD brand called Sunday Scaries. We originally started the company out of personal necessity. Both of us suffered from professional and social anxiety, and had found CBD worked really well. However, we had been taking it in powder and water bottle form, which was expensive, hard to find and inconvenient. Plus, we were paying an average $7 per 15mg of CBD.

For those of you who aren’t as familiar: CBD is an amazing compound derived from the cannabis family (hemp or marijuana) that has anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation & anti-emetic properties. CBD can’t get you high (it’s not THC), and is legal in all 50 states as long as it’s derived from hemp. So we created our own CBD gummies for our own anxieties, and decided to add Vitamins B12, D3 and coconut oil to supplement its effects. Thus, Sunday Scaries was born.

Yes, I understand how stupid this sounds…. We were running an anti-anxiety company while my girlfriend was continuously stressed out. And in hindsight, it was stupid. It took us about a week to introduce Sunday Scaries CBD gummies into her regiment. Out of habit, we tried the normal things first: sleep aids, marijuana (gettin’ high) and exercise. We live in San Diego, so smoking weed is actually a normal thing. But the problem was: Liz couldn’t study while she was asleep or stoned or exercising. That’s why Sunday Scaries CBD gummies were a win-win-win. It was very heartwarming to see her experience anxiety relief, maintain focus and study with a clear mind.

Yes, this article was a plug. But it was honest and real. Mike and I are very proud of our natural CBD gummies: Sunday Scaries. And I wanted to share one of my personal stories to help everyone understand what they mean to me. It was an incredible feeling to witness the product help Liz feel relaxed and focused. And so I’m clear, that’s all that Sunday Scaries did for her. What she accomplished after that was all her. In August, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 4.0 in her Masters Industrial Psychology Program. [insert golf clapping & confetti]

Mike and I are proud to have launched the company just over a year ago and already have thousands of subscriptions, happy customers & testimonials. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t absolutely love them, there’s no risk and no worry. Because that’s what we’re all about 🙂

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