The Truth about Virtual Reality Sex Toys for Guys

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Back in the day, real-time interactive masturbation was just a figment of the most perverted imagination. Popular movies and science fiction novels often depicted a whimsical world where men could have sex with robotic love machines while taking an adventure through their senses, but society at large regarded such activities as impossible and unnecessary. Once technology caught up with our collective inventiveness, however, the sex toy industry started to drastically change. Now, we have virtual reality pleasure products for men in almost every size, shape and color imaginable.

Unfortunately, the sudden prevalence of such high-tech, interactive sex toys has caused mass confusion among horny, curious men who are still unfamiliar with the new stuff. The gap between the educated and the enquiring is growing smaller ever day, though. To keep the taboo lifted and the progress moving forward, modern-day males must take a proactive approach to buying and using these devices. Most importantly, know what VR sex toys are and what they do, then educate yourselves and/or your partners on the possibilities.

What Are They?

Virtual reality sex toys for men are high-tech masturbation devices that allow for the most realistic experience currently available. Typically using a Bluetooth connection to send visual and auditory data from one device to the other, most VR compatible toys can be controlled with a downloadable mobile app to provide a wireless, hands-free session. Many machines are equipped with pre-programmed performance options, while higher-end options grant access to large porn content libraries that let the user fully customize his experience with a live partner or recorded performer in high-definition 3D.

VR is still on the verge of being integrated into male sex toys, however, which means a few kinks still remain in the average device’s overall design. A comprehensive examination of each option should reveal its true potential in your bedroom, but keep in mind that special equipment is almost always required to enjoy high-tech virtual reality masturbation products. As such, be prepared to spend extra money on things like compatible VR goggles, mobile data plans, internet connections and VR Porn library memberships. Plus, you’ll also need loads of water-based lube, toy cleaning supplies and all the other regulation accessories you’ve come to know and love.

Why Are They Needed?

For such an enormous investment, many men question why virtual reality pleasure products are even needed by a society with such relaxed standards on sexuality and the expression thereof. However, the inquiries must still be satisfied if we expect modern-day men to fully benefit from all that a VR sex toy has to offer. It’s no longer considered weird or abnormal to enjoy automatic masturbation alongside visual inspiration, and we’re all starting to wonder why it ever was. A well-made device can offer the average man at least # great pleasure and/or performance advantages if he uses it right:

1. Improved Orgasmic Intensity

Not all VR masturbators are made the same, meaning they can usually be tailored to the exact specifications of the user’s penis (size, shape, canal texture, orifice, etc.). Many times, the machine also features a wide variety of pleasure settings too – vibrations in various speeds and/or intensity levels, automatic pumping mechanisms, electrostimulation pulses, and so on. Put together and used as directed by the manufacturer, these features can drastically improve the quality of a man’s orgasm whether he’s achieving it alone or with a partner.

TIP: Modern scientists have revealed at least 10 amazing health benefits associated with experiencing a frequent sexual climax through either intercourse or masturbation.

2. Boosted Sexual Stamina

When a man frequently reaches a satisfying orgasm, it’s much easier for him to battle the demons of premature ejaculation when they rear their ugly little heads. Let’s face it: Keeping your composure during live sex with a partner can be insanely difficult, which means the relative realism of a VR sex toy can provide the kind of practice you need without all the pressure to perform or please. By simply removing the element of performance anxiety, most men can last for longer while enjoying a better orgasm in the end.

TIP: Certain VR devices offer specialized stamina training texture inserts to help men improve their longevity and fight back against erectile dysfunction (ED) and/or premature ejaculation.

3. Enhanced Relationship Intimacy

Many people assume that VR toys will remove the personal element in a sexual union and in some cases that’s very true. However, many couples find that the inclusion of such devices is very beneficial. In fact, interactive toys like these are responsible for enriching the intimacy in long-distance relationships especially. Most virtual reality sex toys for guys are equipped with motion sensing technology, meaning users can feel the movements of a performer or their partner as it happens.

TIP: Many experts agree that a lengthy lack of sexual contact between partners can lead to a breakdown in the relationship faster than a lack of communication can.

Where Do You Get Them?

Finding a quality guy sex toy especially one with virtual reality capabilities, is not always an easy task. Despite the fact that he market is flooded with different options and the average person knows exactly what they want, getting the good stuff is usually difficult (even if you’ve done this a few times before). As a general rule, the best place to get high-tech toys is directly from the manufacturer or through a reputable supplier with ties to the brand.

What Should You Look For?

Finding the right virtual reality sex toy for men is the easy part; knowing what to look for is where it gets difficult. So, here are the top 5 things you should look for when shopping for one:

1. Skin-Safe Materials

Opt for silicone, TPE, PVC or a patented polycarbonate blend to avoid allergic reactions.

2. Ergonomic Design

Choose toys that are easy to use based on your physical limitations, or lack thereof.

3. Rechargeable Battery

Pick devices that can be quickly charged via USB to prevent long delays in pleasure.

4. Large Porn Content Library

Select something that grants access to thousands of VR videos just in case a partner isn’t available.

5. Compatibility with Other Devices

Look for a toy that allows you to play with a partner in real time regardless of the distance.

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