Tips for Assembling a Full-Skull Look

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Skulls, despite being so controversial, are one of the most popular symbols in fashion. You can see them on runways and spreads of fashion magazines. Celebs don’t disdain to wear skull-adorned outfits either. Maybe it’s time for you to try on modish skull attire, too?

Reasons Behind Skull Popularity

The main reason why a skull is so attractive is numerous and, at times, unexpected meanings it carries. A skull boasts a versatile appeal that made it the main feature of literature, art, and fashion. The most obvious meaning of a skull is death. This is a reminder that everything has a beginning and an end, including human life. At the same time, its significance can be mundane. Both ancient warriors and modern soldiers adorned their uniforms with skulls to emphasize their stamina and courage. Indeed, very often our life is filled with moments of struggle with death. A skull, as it were, expresses our disagreement to surrender in the face of danger, risk, and adversity.

A skull helps to overcome death meaning it saves lives. Hence, another meaning of a skull as a symbol of life. Even ancient people noticed that a skull, unlike flesh, does not decompose. Therefore, it has the power to hold on to life. As a result, skulls became ritual objects both in farewell ceremonies with departed and in mysterious rituals designed to heal and prolong life.

Thanks to this versatility and mystery, skulls became one of the most sought-after symbols in culture, art, and fashion.

Skulls in High Fashion

Skull jewelry was common in the Middle Ages as memento mori, a reminder of our mortality. We are not going to retell the whole history of skull jewelry. Instead, let’s just focus on the fashion of the last century.

Oddly enough, the greatest contribution to the popularization of skulls was made by motorcyclists, people who have nothing to do with fashion. With the emergence of motorcycle clubs in the 1940s, we’ve witnessed a tradition to put club colors on jackets (these patches depict the logo and location of a particular club). It was then that a skull became an element of decor. Why a skull? It is because the first bikers were decommissioned soldiers, and skull images were very common on military equipment. Bikers just took a familiar symbol and transferred it to civilian life.

Bikers significantly influenced the development of the rock movement and greatly affected rock fashion. Thanks to rockers and their multi-million army of fans, a skull from a local symbol became a global phenomenon. Later, other subcultures started exploiting the death symbolism, too. Fashion designers could no longer avert their eyes from such a frightening yet attractive symbol.

Everyone’s favorite Alexander McQueen became the pioneer of blending skulls with high fashion. The skull is a ubiquitous character in many of his creations. Skulls were so strongly attached to McQueen that scarves with skull prints became his trademark. Other recognized fashion designers, such as Lucien Pellat-Finet, Ed Hardy, John Galliano, and many others, followed McQueen’s footsteps. Skulls still continue raising eyebrows among many individuals but we can’t deny that they became an integral fashionable symbol.

So, if you, too, passionately love skulls, it would be a crime to stay away from them fashion-wise. We suggest 5 bulletproof options to seamlessly introduce a skull into your image.

Skull Jewelry

From sterling silver skull earrings to necklaces, rings, and pendants, the choice of accessories is immense. For young ladies, a sugar skull pendant or ring will be a sure-fire option. Feminine, sophisticated, and elegant, sugar skulls are quite the thing. They are generously adorned with precious stones, carvings, enamel, and floral patterns. Sugar skulls perfectly blend in with any feminine outfit, even with garish dresses. Men won’t go wrong with a biker skull ring. You can combine it with both shabby jeans and an elegant business suit.

Leather Jacket

Bikers became forefathers of leather jackets. A short jacket with a slanting zipper has been popular among fashionistas for decades. If you want to get a jacket with a twist, boldly choose models with skulls embroidered on the back.


Skull T-shirts are worn by everyone, from gangsters to Hollywood starlets. The coolest thing about this wardrobe item is that you can combine it with anything. Whether you pick a skirt and high heels or jeans and comfortable sneakers, a skull print will easily become an attention-grabbing detail of your look.


We already mentioned the iconic McQueen scarves. Well, they will also help to add a touch of originality to your appearance. You can effortlessly combine them with elegant coats, oversized sweaters, and even the aforementioned leather jackets.


Accessories are also an element of a trendy look. If for some reason you cannot freely wear skull clothing, such a discreet accessory as a wallet can satisfy your need for skulls. Thanks to the wealth of choices we have now, you can get your hands on startling biker wallet with skull appliqués, compact feminine bi-fold with embroidery, or minimalistic models with skull clasps.

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