The Top Ten Most Shocking Supernatural Stories

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As humans, we love to glamourise and ponder thoughts of the afterlife, from hit Netflix shows (we’re looking at you Haunting of Hill House), to terrifying horror films (Hello, Insidious) and even the abundance of ghost tours on offer in cities such as York. We love a gruesome and grizzly tale, but what about those supernatural stories that are far from scripted? The supernatural is a fascinating topic, and one of life’s biggest questions! Is there life after death? Do we live on in spirit or are we reincarnated? We’ll never know the answers, well, until our time comes. Until then, we will have to satisfy our desire to know more about the afterlife with a few spooky ghost stories…

The supernatural is a fascinating topic, and one of life’s biggest questions! Is there life after death?

The Ghost at Bisham Abbey

Fancy a little bit of ghost hunting yourself? Head to Bisham Abbey in the South of England and see if you can spot any ghoulish goings-on. The ghost of Dame Elizabeth Hoby, who lived at the Abbey during the 16th century has made herself known a few times to various witnesses. It is said that she beat her son to death, and her spirit now wanders around the premises trying to wash the bloodstains from her hands. With a glaring white dress, she won’t be hard to spot.

Ghoulish Events at Hampton Court

It is said that the ghost of Henry VIII haunts the palace, and spooky sights have even been caught on CCTV. It is said that the shrieks of Catherine Howard can still be heard, and a lady is often seen at a spinning wheel in one of the old courtier’s houses. In 2003, a ghost said to be in period dress was caught on ‘film’ opening a fire door. Real or fake? You decide…

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Did you know that the Exorcism of Emily Rose was actually based on a true story? According to reports, Anneliese would shake uncontrollably and seemed very afraid of religious objects. She tragically died in 1976 before the final exorcism could be performed. Are you scared yet?

The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

The death of Elisa Lam is unexplained and quite frankly, very peculiar. A hotel elevator surveillance tape documents Elisa’s last remaining moments of life, she appears to be repeatedly pressing lift buttons, moving in and out of the lift and hiding from something or someone. Of course, there is no other person visible in the tape and after this event, Elisa gained access to the roof of her hotel and drowned in a water tank. Experts believe this death was caused by supernatural forces.

A Hitchhiking Ghost

The next time you see a hitchhiker, proceed with caution! On a stretch of road in Justice, Illinois a beautiful blonde haired lady has been seen flagging down cars for a ride, on multiple occasions, there have been reports of her asking to be taken to the cemetery. When they arrive, she vanishes into thin air. Spooky!

The Haunting in Connecticut

Have you seen the film? It’s quite memorable, mostly for being absolutely terrifying. What’s even more scary is that this film was in fact based on true events and documents the family of Carmen Snedeker. As it transpires, the family had moved into an ex-funeral parlour, and let’s just say the spirits were not too happy with this…

A Haunted Disneyland

It’s the happiest place on earth (try telling the parents that after a 2-hour queue for the Peter Pan ride), and possibly the last place you’d expect to see a ghost. A series of unnerving footage from the park has revealed a rather suspicious translucent subject wandering around. Perhaps they got bored to death of It’s a Small World.

The Mothman

The Mothman Prophecies was not only a cinema hit, it was based on actual sightings of an enormous moth-like creature said to be stalking the area of Point Pleasant in West Virginia back in the ’60s. It seems a little far-fetched but what do we really know about the supernatural?

The Enfield Poltergeist

The Enfield Haunting is a widely publicised ghost story based around an evil poltergeist who would violently move furniture around, make loud noises, throw toys around and even levitate the children who lived in the house. A paranormal investigator confirmed that one of the children, Janet, was in fact demonically possessed.

The Bell Witch

Back in the 1800s, a family moved to a small and seemingly innocent town in Tennessee. Soon after, they began to notice strange occurrences in their house. Think knocking, noises, scratches on the walls, all of those pleasant events. The spirit took a particular disliking to Betsy, one of the children, and let’s just say the story does not end well.

Is it coincidence or are they merely tricks of the brain and old wives’ tales? We’ll never know the answers to these supernatural stories. In the meantime, we can only hope we don’t experience any of the above, and we prepare for inevitable death with the help of the experts at Beyond. We’ll be giving the horror channel a miss tonight.

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