The Rise in Online Gaming in New Zealand

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New Zealand has always been famous for it’s outdoor activities, it is the number one destination in the world for extreme sports. However residents are now increasing spending more time indoors and engaging in online gaming like never before. The advance in technology and use of the internet have allowed for gaming to be possible almost instantly at any time.

Many games have made the transition into the digital world and games that would normally be found in new zealand casinos are now available online. Kiwis are a competitive nation, you only have to see the passion they have for their sports teams to understand why. The New Zealand All Blacks are the most formidable rugby team in the world and the Cricket team narrowly lost the Cricket World Cup in England this month. This is extremely impressive as New Zealand has a population of less than 5 million. With this passion and competitiveness, they are enjoying online gaming more than ever before and new websites are being created all the time for this particular market.

The mix of strategy, skill and luck make these games exciting for Kiwis around the country. Additionally some of the skill-based games are enjoyable to players as they improve certain aspects of the players, including judgment, analytics whilst offering a relaxing way to pass time.

Most New Zealanders live in or nearby the big cities of Wellington and Christchurch but there are many which live away in relatively remote places. In these areas, especially in the Winter months there are not many activities as during the summer. With this many spend an increasingly amount of time enjoying online activities.

New Zealanders are enjoying these online games, however close neigbours Australia are in front in terms of players. They are one of the countries with the highest number of players in the world alongside Canada. Both of these countries have taken to online gaming like no others.

When you travel to New Zealand , remember that whilst they are famous for cricket, rugby and outdoor activities, they have an increasing amount of dedicated gamers online.  The Kiwi’s definitely know how to strike a good work-life balance. They work hard and relax often, using their free time to enjoy all that their spectacular country has to offer. If you have ever seen Lord of The Rings then you will be amazed by the landscapes, all of the blockbuster films were recorded here.

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