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CES – The International Consumer Electronics Show

This show is one of the largest conventions in the world with ovr 150,000 visitors in Las Vegas this week to showcase their products and look at competitors. We were in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit and the hotels increased dramatically the day before the conference. This is only going to get bigger so order your tickets way in advance.

This year many companies have increased their presence at the show, most notably Google whom have their largest number of staff this year than ever before.

Longer Battery Life

The ability to have longer battery life on products is always a focus, however this year it is higher than ever. With the recent news (that we suspected anyway) when Apple confirmed that older devices were purposely made to run slow due to the software updates. The reason being is battery life, many consumers were not happy with this reason.

Some products being showcased in Las Vegas are longer lasting gadgets and electronics including cars.

Whilst Continental don’t make or manufacture cars this year their booth at the show has been focused on electric charge for cars. The technology, aptly named AllCharge is inside vehicles and allows use as mobile power banks, providing AC power to anything you want, hence the picture above. Continental sees this as being used around the world where people can be gathered next to vehicles including tailgate parties and remote work sites.

The new Lenovo’s Miix 630 tablet, a two-in-one that comes with a keyboard has been designed to last up to a staggering 20 hours on a single charge. Whilst this has not been released we will aim to do the tests for ourself.

Whilst we all appreciate wireless mouses, the issue is that the batteries need replacing all the time, with this tech company Razer has removed all the battery all together. How does it charge? Well the mouse mat generates a magnetic field which then powers the mouse for your needs. The only issue is that you now have to take your mouse mat wherever you go. This is a great idea and maybe this is the future of charging things. The mouse is named Mamba and will be released on to the market shortly after the CES conference.

The Japanese seem to have a robot for everything. Need a supermodel robot? Yep, got one of them. Looking for a giant baby robot that spits fire? No problem. How about a substitute teacher? Well, now Japan has one of those too.


Recently, students at a Tokyo elementary school returned from holidays to find their teacher had been replaced by “Saya” a talking human-like robot. Saya was first developed to be a receptionist robot (yeah, they have those too) by Hiroshi Kobayashi of the Tokyo University of Science. Recently, however, the robot has been taking on work as a substitute teacher. I guess the recession is tough on robots too.


Saya can speak multiple languages, uses facial expressions to communicate emotions ranging from surprise and happiness to sadness and anger to just downright creepy. The robot, however, reportedly needs to improve her classroom management technique. Right now, Saya is only able to call out names and shout “Be quiet.” I’m not sure what the problem is there – sounds like every substitute teacher I ever had.

photo credits: Pink Tentacle

Ladies, are you shopping for a real manly man this holiday season? The type who drinks beer and watches football on Sundays? The type who grunts when asked a question? If you’re wondering what to get your guy, have we got the product for you.

Straight from Nickel Spa in London comes the Faux Cul Buttock Firming Gel. And no, we’re not making this up.

Here’s some helpful info from the manufacturer:

Whether you are a gym phobic couch-potato or are just concerned about looking good in your clothes, a lack lustre derri?re is not a good look. Lift, firm and fill your butt with NEW Faux Cul Buttock Firming Gel from Nickel, the first buttock remodelling and firming treatment for men.

Faux Cul will save you from slack, dropping or flat buttocks and give you that bubble butt you have always wanted. It works in two ways:

Firm UP
Cafeisilane C, a caffeine-based lipolysis stimulator, firms the buttocks leaving the skin soft and touchable.

Pump it UP
The combined action of caffeine derivative Vexel and Liftiline, a firming ingredient, provides an instant butt pumping effect re-inflating slackened areas.

For a first class ass vigorously massage the cream into the buttocks once a day.

Yes, we know – it’s the perfect gift. Just thank us later.