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The First 5 Things a Woman Notices About a Man

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If you have your eye on a beautiful lady and you’re keen to leave a positive lasting impression, it is crucial to be aware of how to go about it successfully. So, what is it that most women notice about a man upon first meeting him? You will find the facts below.

How he smells

This is arguably the most important aspect to take care of before approaching a woman. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how attractive or charming you are, if your smell doesn’t appeal to her, she simply isn’t going to stick around. Grab a piece of chewing gum and spritz on a subtle, yet pleasant smelling cologne, and you’ll be good to go. Remember to test out a few different colognes in store, and upon finding one you like, seek out a better deal at a men’s cologne online store. You are guaranteed to be able to take advantage of better prices!

His face

This one is quite obvious. Of course, she is going to notice your face. Does that mean that only the men with chiseled jawbones and ice-blue eyes stand a chance? Definitely not. It is all about your grooming habits! Are you nicely clean-shaven, or if you have facial hair, is it neatly trimmed and presented? Are your eyebrows neatly groomed? All of this can make a big difference in terms of how attractive a woman is likely to find you.

His smile

Your smile is endlessly important – it is part of your charm, after all. As such, it is essential that you take proper care of your teeth. Visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and don’t forget to brush and floss twice a day. Invest in teeth whitening if your ‘pearly whites’ are no longer as white as they used to be. Remember, smoking and drinking copious amounts of coffee, tea, or wine can all lead to stains on your teeth, which can prove difficult to remove without the help of a professional.

His silhouette

Studies have shown that most women are naturally attracted to a more ‘masculine’ silhouette. This doesn’t necessarily mean huge, bulging muscles. More importantly, it involves a tall, confident posture and strong, sturdy shoulders. Pay attention to standing up straight when talking to a woman, and take the time to shop for clothing items that enhance your natural shape. A tailored suit can always go a long way towards maximizing your silhouette and your confidence.

His manners

More so than how you look, women take note of how you treat them. That is why pick-up lines just don’t work. You can win her heart simply by treating her like the equal that she is! A forward handshake, a friendly smile, and an unassuming attitude will all be welcomed and could mean the difference between her sticking around for a chat or running for the hills.

Now that you know what she is likely to take notice of, you can approach the dating world with a greater sense of confidence and know-how. Make the effort – she will thank you for it.

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