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We at are always looking for new tools to help us become more productive and automated with our tasks. Over the past several weeks we have been testing out a tool that has taken our email marketing to the next level,

In the past we used a mixture of tools to find and collect leads and then email them with newsletters, this took a long time and became a complex process. With Snovio we are able to get potential clients by using the great chrome extension which allows us to get email addresses without leaving the google search page.

Whether you are a Sales rep, Marketer, Startup founder, Recruiter or anyone else who needs email outreach or outbound research, Snovio is a recommended platform.

Email Drip Campaigns

The ability to create send complex email drip campaigns using a simple drag-and-drop is something we are extremely impressed with. The Email Campaigns allow us to have a complete automated process and save time.

Domain Email Search

Probably our favorite feature of the platform is the ability to find email addresses based on just the domain. This allows users to quickly find thousands of email addresses within minutes, saving time and resources. The tool also finds names and positions within the company meaning the quality of leads beats anything else on the market.

Email Tracker for Gmail

Be notified when people open your emails or click on the links. This tracker allows for reporting and analysis of what is working in your campaigns.

Email Verifier

Not only does the tool collect email addresses fast, it also has the tool to verify the validity of the email. With this, email lists can be cleaned and invalid addresses removed. This tool, when used will ensure that the emails are correct and therefore improve the deliverability of the email.


The tools are not only some of the best in the market but having them all in one place makes this the standout platform for automated email marketing. From collection of leads, verifying the email addresses and then creating email drip campaigns  covers all bases and takes it from start to finish.

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