Meeting the Challenges of Running a Company Vehicle

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If you run the kind of business that requires you to run a truck, van or car, things can get complicated. Even more so when you have to run a fleet of them. Yet it is a subject you rarely see covered in business articles. So, we thought we would start to address that particular information gap.

One of the most important (and sometimes challenging) factors to consider is ensuring the safety of your staff at all times. The vehicles in your business must be in full working condition for your employees, and individuals need to have the correct licenses for the job at hand. If any accidents were to occur, particularly involving larger vehicles with a higher likelihood of fatalities, you may wish to get in touch with a truck accident lawyer based in the city of Pittsburgh.

We are not going to dive into choosing the right vehicles for your business in this article. This will just cover some of the day-to-day practicalities of running them.

Invest in a good insurance policy

It is extremely important to buy a good insurance policy. Try to resist the temptation to simply buy the cheapest one you can find. Discovering that you are not properly covered or that you have to pay a big excess could leave you with a bill that is big enough to ruin your business.

Check your employee’s driving credentials

It is important not to take your employee’s word for it when it comes to their driving credentials. You need to see their physical license and original ID that proves it really is theirs.

Take the number of required copies in the right format and keep them in a safe place. If there is a way to check the details in an official database do so.

Make sure they do not have any medical conditions that would stop them from legally being able to drive your vehicles. If their right to drive certain categories needs to be renewed, put a reminder in your calendar to check their physical license and make sure they have done it, or assist them in doing so.

Provide additional training where needed

Where appropriate double-check the driving ability of your staff. Perhaps by sending them out with someone who is experienced. This will help your new staff to learn the ropes and give you a chance to assess their driving capabilities. If they could use a few extra maneuvering lessons, provide them. All of this will greatly reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

Keep your vehicles running as economically as possible

It makes sense to maintain your vehicle. Doing so will save you money in the end. Studies show that well-maintained engines run more economically. As you can see here there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the per mile or kilometer cost of running your trucks, vans or company cars.

Keep your vehicle clean

Lastly, keep your vehicles neat and tidy. They should be branded, which means that they are effectively a mobile advertisement for your company. So, you want to make a good impression.

If you are allowed to and feel comfortable doing so, use cameras to monitor how your drivers are conducting themselves. Knowing that everything is on film will help them to remain professional regardless of the situation they find themselves in. Plus, this type of footage can come in handy should an accident happen.


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