How to Spot Signs of Anxiety

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Millions of people around the world experience anxiety regularly and are treating it on one level or another. Unfortunately, many others have symptoms but haven’t recognized them for what they are or they think that it indicates something that it’s not. However, with so many different types of anxiety, that’s completely understandable.

Generally, anxiety is a natural response to stress that triggers your fight or flight mechanism and helps protect you from dangerous situations. That being said, if you’re experiencing anxiety outside of dangerous situations or other normal anxiety-inducing events, there may be something deeper going on.

If you don’t feel like yourself and you’re unsure what’s going on but want to get your mojo back, a good first step is identifying what type of anxiety you’re experiencing.

Types of Anxiety

  • Generalized anxiety – excessive anxiety over virtually anything. Generalized anxiety disorder is often seen in conjunction with depression or other anxiety disorders.
  • Social anxiety – extreme anxiety over self-consciousness, the prospect of being embarrassed, judged, or viewed negatively by others in social situations.
  • Medical condition – intense anxiety directly caused by a physical health problem and generally not resolvable with anxiety supplements.
  • Substance-induced – anxiety caused by drug abuse, withdrawal, or as a side-effect of certain medications.
  • Panic disorder – sudden feelings of intense anxiety that almost instantly reaches a crescendo. This may be accompanied by chest pain, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. Commonly referred to as “panic attacks.”
  • Phobias – extreme anxiety when exposed to certain situations or other stimuli.

There are several other anxiety disorders, and unfortunately, any of them can cause symptoms ranging from sleep loss to anxiety tremors. This is why it can be imperative to identify and treat anxiety as soon as possible.

10 Signs of Anxiety

While it was frowned upon not so long ago, these days it’s okay to talk about anxiety. If any of the above sounds like you or you have any of the signs below, you may be suffering from anxiety and need to speak to a medical professional.

1. Negative feelings – constantly having a sense of impending doom or danger or feeling nervous, tense, or restless.

2. Rapid breathing – hyperventilation during stressful situations or even when remembering/thinking about them.

3. Palpitations – experiencing an increased heart rate.

4. Trouble Sleeping – being unable to fall or stay asleep and even the popular home remedy CBD isn’t working.

5. Persistent weakness or tiredness – constantly feeling tired even though you seem to be sleeping somewhat normally.

6. Persistent worry – constantly thinking about anything other than stressful factors.

7. Avoidance – making a marked effort to avoid situations, people, or things that may trigger any of the symptoms noted here.

8. Perspiration – sweating profusely or significantly more than normal, especially if it’s occurring even when you’re not warm.

9. Anxiety tremors – new shakiness or tremors that are more pronounced.

10. Stomach issues – gastrointestinal (GI) problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or ulcers.

When to See a Doctor

The above can indicate that you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder and you should seek a health professional if any of them are difficult to control or significantly interfere with your life. Furthermore, you should see one if:

  • You feel that it may be linked to a physical health problem.
  • You feel depressed.
  • You have suicidal thoughts.
  • You’re using alcohol or illicit drugs in an attempt to combat it.
  • You have mental health concerns.

Anxiety comes in many forms, and trying to ignore it or hoping that it will go away on its own is not recommended. Knowing how to spot signs of anxiety is a really good first step, but failing to take the next step(s) to address the underlying problem adequately could lead to a lot more issues down the road. Everyone wants to feel like their utmost self so do what is best to take care of and combat your anxiety.

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