How to Dress to impress this summer without Breaking Your Bank Account

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We all love to be fashionable and be on the style radar at all times. The desire to stand out in the crowd and make heads turn is not merely to make a social footprint, but it also matters for our own self-esteem and confidence. Dressing up and dressing smartly gives you a much-needed mood-uplift just even when you are feeling low.

The summer season is a fashionista’s best mate because it allows you to play a lot with your style and fashion. With so many happening activities and social events, along with your daily routines involving college workplace and even a casual shopping spree is a reason enough to look your best. It is a huge myth that dressing fashionably means that you have to spend a fortune on a Zara outlet so that you can look your best. Contrary to popular opinion, all you need is a good understanding of style and aesthetics in order to look fashionable.

The Style This Summer

You might be tempted to try the wacky looks but the fashion world is gradually moving back to class and sophistication. The style philosophy this summer should be along the lines of simplicity, creativity, comfort, and sustainability. You do not have to turn yourself into a color wheel or to wear a leather jacket in the scorching sun to look fashionable.


Bags have always been a staple fashion accessory for women, but now the trend is picking up in men’s fashion too. Whether you are a college student or a corporate executive, you do need the right back to carry your supplies. Although there are separate variants of gym bags, travel bags, college bags, etc. available in the market, not everyone has the same and money to buy a separate bag for every purpose. In that case, a good multi-purpose canvas duffle bag will be your ultimate lifesaver. Get a good duffle bag that is spacious and has compartments for organizing supplies and you are good to go.


Before you move on to clothing and other apparel elements, you need to understand that your grooming is a very crucial part of your style and fashion. Unfortunately, most men totally neglect this area. The casual messy look trends that were popular at the beginning of the new millennium have spoiled most men to a great extent. However, now that we are talking class, know that classy is anything but messy. Pay attention to your shaving routine. Clean shaved in the way to go but if you are a fan of near, then make sure you keep it well-trimmed and in shape. Likewise, keep your hair trimmed and cropped. Long hair fans should invest in hair-ties and keep their hair neatly tied up.


Your clothing should be light and breathable. Crew-necked tees, polos, and button-down shirts are a huge hit this season. You can play around with colors and go for brighter tones of yellow, blue, green and even pink, however, make sure you pair up your colored top with neutral color pants or jeans. Moreover, make sure there are not too many colors going on at a single time.


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