How to dress to impress like a Scandinavian

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Fashion may be the last thing on your mind when it’s -10 degrees Celsius outside, but not to a Scandinavian. The natives of countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland calls a -10 degree day the no-sleeve relief as living in weather conditions like these people do tend to make you a lot more tolerant of the cold.

But we’re all human, right? It’s not like Scandinavians actually walk around half-naked when it’s -10 degrees out. No, they dress the same way a normal person would in this circumstance, with layers of clothing to keep themselves warm. But, they’re one of the few people who’ve managed to turn layered clothing into a work of art. Considering that they’re forced to wear the same types of clothes for the majority of the year, it’s a lot more enticing to diversify your choices.

Since that layered clothing season is coming along quite fast, we thought it would be quite thematic to borrow some ideas from our Scandinavian friends and see what makes their sense of fashion so unique even during freezing weather conditions.

Long and dark-colored coats

It’s not hard to look absolutely dashing when you’re taller than 6 feet and have a long dark-colored knitted coat on. The Scandinavians could be the only people able to pull this one off, but there are a bunch of people out there who can don these long dark colored coats and look absolutely amazing as well. The less the coat wrinkles the better as well, as it’s absolutely essential to give away a sense of symmetry.

It’s not hard to look absolutely dashing when you’re taller than 6 feet and have a long dark-colored knitted coat on.

In this case, the best way to emphasize the coat’s symmetry and design is to have it in colors such as dark grey, black, navy blue or khaki. Yes, khaki may seem out of place compared to other colors, but the straightness of the fabric is what helps the color shine alongside white or black leather boots or sneakers.

Turtleneck suits

As alien as it may sound, turtlenecks are an amazing undergarment for suits, especially if they are two separate but still conjoining colors. For example, donning a navy blue suit and a black, tight turtleneck underneath it could be the best contrast choice one could make. Although it’s usually very popular for office-based jobs, there are other venues that this style has remained prevalent.

turtlenecks are an amazing undergarment for suits, especially if they are two separate but still conjoining colors

Luxury and fancy venues such as Restaurants, hotels and even casinos have showcased that Scandinavians like to dress formally, but still retain the flexibility of knitted turtlenecks. For a man, a suit is usually too small in the shoulders, but having the elasticity of the turtleneck really helps with coping with the inconvenience sometimes.

Due to this, the flexibility of comfort, turtleneck suits have been named some of the best forms of attire by Norwegian online casinos when trying to bring in more offline customers to their venues. People usually didn’t understand how to dress for a trip to the casino, and tended to overdress a little bit. The trend was so prevalent that casinos were slowly running out of space for taking the coats of the customers and then assigning them back. Overall it was a massive headache, which is why some of them commissioned online casinos or just bloggers to set the standard for casino dress code.

It is said to be the perfect choice of clothing in slightly breezy weather, as well as for an event that could require a lot of movement. For a casino that’s usually hand movements where the shoulder elasticity comes into play, and for formal events that may be dancing where the small gaps in the knitted turtleneck help with insulation.

Therefore, not only are turtleneck suits great for keeping you warm but keeping you cool indoors as well.

Trashy mainstream

The trashy mainstream fashion sense in the Nordics can be associated with brands such as Balenciaga or Vetements. These two brands have managed to penetrate the teenage and young adult communities of these countries and thoroughly impress them with their dim, but lively colors.

In most cases, you’ll find both of these brands abuse the color, Black. But abuse is used as a “positive” word here, it’s basically present in every single collection they’ve released and it plays amazingly well with the thin layers and oversized proportions. However, the Scandinavian communities are more drawn towards the Balenciaga sneakers and the Vetements down coats.

The shoes have a very minimalistic design on top, while all of the details go to the heels. The coat, however, is both thin but warm as well as excruciatingly long. So long in fact that a 6-foot person would have it reach their heels.

Other than that, the notorious swamp green down jacket with furry hoods and white sneakers are a staple combination for any and all Scandinavian teenage boys. It’s a bit overused, but the flexibility and good contrast of colors cannot be denied.

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