How and Why To Automate Your Dating and Dominate

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If you have been single for a while then you will understand the difficultly and drawn out process dating can be. It can be like the popular term ‘London Buses’ as in you can be sat around waiting to get a date and nothing can be on the horizon, all of a sudden 3 dates come at the same time. Whilst this is great for guys not focusing too hard on dating, this waiting game can take a toll.

We at have been looking at ways and techniques you can use to automate your dating life. When we refer to automate we refer to the easy way to get dates with no or little effort. Sound good, continue reading. For more dating advice head over to review site – which provides honest dating reviews for popular apps and sites.

Automate Dating Through Bots

Dating can be a pure numbers game, the more times you put yourself in front of someone the higher the possibility of matching. Take Tinder for example, there are actual bots which will automate the full matching process so that when you login to your phone you already have 50+ matches waiting. With this you can stop wasting time swiping left or right and concentrate on something else.

Have Dating Messages Set Up

So you have managed to get the telephone number or email of a potential match. Do you write the same message out each different time and waste valuable time doing so? No, you create the same broad but specific message in a file or voice memo and have it set up ready to send. Of course, if you start getting the same responses back from potential dates then take it one further and create responses for these.

Is this Over The Top?

Many people would argue that automating dating is not a good thing to do but as mentioned earlier, if you are tired of the same process over and over again this merely streamlines it. The hard task is meeting the girl and having an actual date, automating the initial steps can be considered smart and efficient.

What are your thoughts on the whole dating automating through bots? Is this something that you are open to trying or does it seem to sleazy to do? We would love to hear what you think.

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