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How to Choose a Man’s Wristwatch

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The quality of a wristwatch can mark someone as a “man of the world,” giving him a sense of refinement and authority. Many wristwatches are available with various price ranges that can suit any man’s budget and style. The best wristwatches must reflect impeccable craftsmanship, style, and features. A wristwatch represents the qualities within you as a man: a businessman, an heir to tradition, and a man who enjoys his free time.

With the luxury wristwatch market expected to grow 4.3% by 2025 and increased demand for high-end jewelry, from a gold chain for men to personalized signet rings, it can be difficult to figure out what to look for in a men’s wristwatch without help from a professional jeweler.

Watches are not only a chic accessory for your wrist; they could also represent a significant investment, especially iced out Rolex watches, appreciating over time or becoming a family heirloom passed down through generations. So, it is critical to choose a watch that offers a balance of easy-wearing style and luxury. To help you get started, here is a guide on how to choose the right men’s wristwatch for you.

3 Types of Watch Movements

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To get started, you need to look at what makes a wristwatch tick, literally. A watch’s movement or calibre is the heart behind a wristwatch, and it helps keep it going, which controls the hands and other features. You can compare it to a car’s engine. There are three main watch movements to look for:


Quartz watch movements are so called because their tiny quartz crystals vibrate at 32,768 seconds, thanks to a battery. Vibrations are measured and converted into pulses every second. Their movements are what makes the second hand have an audible tick. Typically, quartz movements are found in high-end and low-end watch brands as well as mass-market and discount brands.


The motion of a mechanical watch movement is a swift and steady sweeping motion rather than the ticking sound of a quartz movement. It does not require a battery; rather, it must be wound manually to keep it going. Its mainspring powers the smaller gears and springs to move the hands and other features, such as a chronograph or date window. Mechanical watches are known for their high quality and refined details, such as mini-gears that show the inner workings of the wristwatch.


Automatic watch movements, also known as self-winding watches, use the movement of your wrist to keep the movement going, rather than making you manually wind the watch. These movements rely on a heavy metal weight called a rotor that spins when you move your wrist, converting kinetic energy that winds the clock’s mainspring. If you feel winding the watch every day might become tedious, then an automatic watch may be for you.

Which Kind of Wristwatch Movement to Choose?

While quartz wristwatches are the most accurate, a decent automatic wristwatch will only lose or gain 30 seconds in a week. When shopping for a high-quality mechanical watch, choose one that has been approved as a chronometer by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). Only 6% of the world’s wristwatches have this designation, so choose carefully as you shop for a wristwatch.

Important Features to Look For in a Wristwatch

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The types of watch movements you know might have a significant influence on your decision to purchase a wristwatch, but there are still other factors worth considering:

Case Size or Diameter

Choosing a case size or diameter of a wristwatch depends on your wrist size. You can visit a professional jeweler to get your wrist measured and ask about available wristwatches. You may choose a heavier and bigger watch if you are a bigger man. Choose a slimmer, more lightweight watch that fits your smaller body type. Also, look at a wristwatch’s thickness, particularly if you wear long sleeves daily, as it can appear bulky under a shirt cuff.

Materials and Colors

A wide range of wristwatches is available in all sorts of patterns, styles, gems, and other options for the case and face. All it comes down to is your personal choice and the statement you want to showcase.

Some men enjoy monochromatic watches to fit their personal aesthetic. Other people choose high-quality metal wristwatches, such as a men’s 14K gold watch for a more traditional look.

If you are looking for a diamond wristwatch, make sure the jeweler you are working with ensures the wristwatch has real diamonds, using the Gemological Institute of America’s 4 C’s of the diamond: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight as a guide.

Band Types

The watch straps affect the personality of your wristwatch in many ways. Leather and suede bands are for ideal everyday sporty looks. Metal bracelets on wristwatches make you stand out in a professional environment, evoking character and class. Rolex is most known for its signature Oyster bracelets that are unique to every wristwatch they produce.

Watch Crystal

A wristwatch is usually protected by glass to ensure easy reading and protect the dial. Acrylic and mineral crystals are used for low-end and discount watches. Sapphire crystals are common for high-end watches due to their high resistance to scratches and attractive appearance and color.


Most luxury men’s wristwatches should have some heft in comparison to the lower-quality models. This indicates higher-quality materials, which often translates to a more durable watch that is likely to last for decades.


A brand’s reputation is just as important of a selling point as the features and specifications of a wristwatch. This is especially true for limited-edition and high-end wristwatches. Well-known luxury brands, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Cartier, are often associated with legendary craftsmanship and consistency. Watches made by established horological houses have a level of prestige associated with their pieces, making them a sound investment piece and a stylish accessory.

A jeweler can let you know about a brand’s service plans and what to do if a watch gets damaged. Some watches can be serviced by any jeweler, while some require the manufacturer to do it.

Choosing the Best Men’s Wristwatch for You

A wristwatch is a very personal choice. It can be a treasured accessory that can be passed down as a family heirloom. Finding the perfect men’s wristwatch requires first figuring out your sartorial style and what values you want to represent, and then researching which one fits your budget best.

You can start online or choose to visit a professional jeweler who knows the latest wristwatch trends. They can help you try on wristwatches and answer any questions. This may take some time, but all the effort is worth choosing the right wristwatch that represents you best.

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