How Dentists Can Combine Their Digital Marketing Efforts

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Dentists can do a lot of marketing techniques to drive more traffic to the website and social media pages. Therefore, it is alright to use various strategies that can help increase inquiries per day. For example, you can combine search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to efficiently reach your target audience and promote brand awareness.

Fusing two strategies enable you to unify your efforts and make progress monitoring easier. If you want to improve your digital marketing performance, integrating your campaigns is how.

Here are some ways in which dentists can combine their digital marketing efforts:

1. Write Content for both SEO and SMM

You can start writing content that can be published on your website and optimized for both SEO and SMM. Choose topics and keywords that are relatable for audiences who are surfing the website and are looking for information via social media, as said by Digital Authority Partners.

Make the content easy to read by using language that fits your target audience. Shorten the paragraphs and write in a friendly manner so people can understand your message clearly and relate well to your brand.

Check topics that are of interest to your previous and current patients. Also, consider interesting health issues or new services that potential patients may want to read about. Upload your content on the website and prepare introduction posts for your social media pages.

2. Add a Link from the Web Content to the Social Media Page

Another way to combine your digital marketing effort is to include hypertexts from your content or blog and lead people to your social media page. Promoting your content to other sites is also called an on-page optimization strategy.

When you link your content or blog post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, you enable a rich potential to exchange conversations, comments, shares, likes, and recommendations. Also, your content or blog can have the potential to be viral through the thousands of shares and likes from your followers or new audiences.

Blogging and social media optimization make brand awareness campaigns easier for your dental clinic. Ensure that all links are working so you won’t hurt your SEO score and disappoint readers. Also, make every link true to its promise of learning more about the keyword or topic.

Avoid irrelevant links that don’t further the conversation about the issue or dental service. Make every link count because people might be having an emergency and would like to connect to a Dentist immediately. Have a ready “Call Now” button on every web page and social media page so that people can receive immediate medical attention.

3. Mention the Content URL from the Social Media Page

Another way to combine your marketing effort is to include the keyword in your introduction post and leave the content URL. Then, make the introduction enticing for the readers to click the link and learn more about your dental services.

The strategy of recommending your content page is similar to off-page optimization. However, you link your content page from your social media page to build a prosperous link-building campaign to increase your internet visibility and SEO score.

Using social media for off-page optimization is one of the fastest ways to garner links, recommendations, responses, and engagements from your target audiences.  However, the use of social media has its limitations. You should verify the profiles of your followers and check whether they are real people and not fake accounts.

You do not want to accept friend requests from people who might be spying on your account. Also, protect your social media pages from malicious attacks that might steal personal information. Dentists are still mandated to have secure sites that protect patients from identity theft and fraud.

That is why you should ensure that your website has HTTPS security protocols and that your social media pages have the same level of data security.

4. Invite Social Media Influencers to Guest in your Web Videos

If you hurry to increase the number of clicks from your keyword optimization campaigns, you may consider inviting famous social media personalities to your web video features.

If you have previous vloggers-patients who have availed of braces treatment and services, you may invite them to share their experiences and the life changes they have now as part of your story series on your website.

The experiences that they will share will give potential patients an overview of how it looks like to undergo braces treatment or similar enhancement services like teeth whitening or having jackets or crowns. If you have an upcoming appointment with a famous personality, you may want to ask permission if you can vlog the journey and have the video featured on the website.

You may need to have a written agreement for this and secure a legal document if possible. Ensure that you document everything so you won’t get caught in legal disputes, especially regarding data privacy. If you doubt a premise in the contract, seek legal consultation before signing the paper.

Remember that the state regulations mandate all medical practitioners to abide by existing privacy and security laws regarding patient data confidentiality.

Bear in mind that famous personalities can make or break your social media marketing campaign.

5. Collaborate with Bloggers to Feature your Website

Established bloggers have many followers and are already well-known in their promoting industry. Take advantage of the instant popularity that these bloggers can bring to your dental clinic and help in your branding campaign.

You may ask a blogger, who shares the same values as you, to feature your dental clinic. It would be best to choose a blogger who shares the same target market profile. You should inquire about the demographic profiles of the subscribers or followers and analyze how compatible your target audience is.

It will be good if the blogger lives near your physical clinic, so they can provide instructions on how people can commute or drive to the clinic. Also, a blogger who lives in the same community can tour the residents near your dental clinic.

The blogger will use enticing messages to persuade people to have dental check-ups or treatments. You may want to give the blogger free teeth cleaning so they can personally experience how professional your service is and recommend your clinic to her followers or your target audience.

Final Words

Combining your SEO and SMM strategies can be a great way to boost your digital marketing efforts. You can unify your activities into one campaign and make monitoring easier for you. Instead of checking independent digital marketing campaigns, you are now looking at one project that is easier to manage and can deliver more efficient results.

Integrating your digital marketing techniques for promoting your dental clinic is the best thing you can do today.

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