Fine-Tuning SEO For The Modern Digital Society

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Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a crucial tool in the marketing arsenal of any business. A case study conducted by Forbes of one notable online business found that a routine optimization of keywords on their website increased their organic traffic by 2,076% in just 9 months. That’s a massive amount of potential sales for what is perhaps only a little work. The difficulty in the modern era comes in identifying how SEO operates in the modern digital community; ironically, keeping it simple is perhaps the most important lesson.

Keeping it simple

SEO does not have to be complicated. Michigan Tech highlights what many SEO consultants will confirm when overhauling your SEO: content is king. Publishing high quality and relevant content on your website will tick many of the buttons that the algorithms that run Google and similar search engines favor. If your business runs a quality service, it’s likely that content comes hand-in-hand with it. High quality work, with good quality keywords, will do a lot of heavy lifting. That said, there are certain intricacies within the Google algorithm that it can be useful to learn about.

Google priorities

Google remains the most important search engine, so matching its SEO goals is a good idea. Their algorithm is updated every so often, and June and July 2021 will see the newest iteration, according to The Tech Times. In recent years, Google has focused on two key areas – accessibility and local searches. Accessibility means having accessible text on your page, alongside voice activation and platform cross-compatibility; local search is something a little more nuanced.

Mastering local searches

Local search is the process of putting a physical marker on the map for your business. It’s a requirement met through supplying high quality NAPU information – name, address, phone number, URL. Obviously, digital business has less of an ability to have a physical result, but having accurate contact data available on all of your search listings is a crucial, yet simple, step. This will enable your business to meet Google’s algorithmic goals, which ultimately promotes businesses that provide up-to-date information.

In many ways, the intricacies of SEO reflect common sense. It’s a matter of keeping your information up to date, being accessible to customers, and producing great quality content. For a high quality business in the digital world, those are boxes you’ll tick before you ever think about your search engine rank.

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