Guy Problems That We Don’t Talk About Openly

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Imagine if you could still smash a baseball as far as you could five years ago or still run as fast as you could in your heydays. Or maybe you’ve found yourself wishing you could hit a tennis ball with similar spin and speed as in your prime.

Growing up as a man comes with its challenges, most of which many guys don’t freely speak about. However, you could be denying yourself and your partner a satisfying and enjoying life if you refuse to face your health concerns head-on. If you’d rather be discussing other issues apart from your health, you’re not alone. A study has proposed that 32% of men are less likely to talk openly about their health problems than approaching women. Another study indicated that 36% of men are open to discuss current events, 32% will discuss sports, while 32% are prepared to talk about work, while only a meagre 7% are ready to talk about their health.

There are several reasons why guys fail to talk about their health problems, including;

  • Instincts to bury their issues, unlike their female counterparts,
  • No one to talk to
  • Social pressures
  • Relationship fears, for instance, erectile dysfunction (ED), which is central for masculinity.

Issues such as chest or back pains, erectile dysfunction (ED), or other health conditions may indicate severe problems, but dealing with them starts with having an open discussion. While conditions such as ED could be due to ageing, there are still great ways to remain in the game, stand tall and enjoy life as you should. Here are some helpful tips to prevent or manage this issue for improved health, a boost in your confidence, and a better sex life.

Get ED treatment

It’s advisable to go for regular check-ups together with your partner so that you’re both aware of the treatment choices available to you. You can access various treatment options, including oracle medications such as Sildenafil, a primary therapy solution effective for about 60% of men. The use of vacuum pumps, penile implants, and injection therapy are other alternative ED treatments you can consider. However, it’s essential to consult your men’s health specialist on selecting suitable treatment options.

Take a stroll

A Harvard study has suggested that a simple 30-minute stroll each day can contribute to a 41% decrease in ED risk. Several other pieces of research have also proposed that moderate exercises help restore men’s performance, especially in obese middle-aged men experiencing ED. If you’re willing to walk to the ends of the world to find your true love, then walking two miles each day shouldn’t be a challenge; research has proposed that doing so doesn’t only enhance your appearance but also maintains your sexual performance.

How is your vascular health doing?

Health conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, high sugar levels, and taking foods high in fatty substances can pose health risks leading to heart failure, stroke, and erectile dysfunction. However, these shouldn’t alarm you. As you advance in your years, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t live your best life. You can get started by going for regular check-ups for your systems, such as your heart, brain, and penis, to determine whether they’re in good shape. Doing this will help you identify whether you need to adopt some lifestyle changes or take some medication in some situations.

Move a muscle

Working on your biceps is a plus, but moving your muscles requires more than that. Did you know that having a solid pelvis increases rigidity during erections and keeps the blood from leaving the penis by pushing on a vital vein? During a trial study in the UK, completing two sets of Kegel exercises each day for a quarter of a year yielded fantastic results for many guys. Additionally, coupling this with biofeedback and getting advice on specific long-term lifestyle changes such as getting in shape, weight loss, quitting smoking, and checking your alcohol consumption has proven more effective than just focusing only on making changes on your present lifestyle.

It takes time; don’t be hard on yourself

Suppose you’re getting treatment for ED. In that case, it’s essential to exercise patience with your progress and remember that everyone is unique. A treatment that could prove rapid and effective for one individual may prove otherwise for another. You also need to realise that the treatment option you choose may prove ineffective for the first time and may not always work. In any case, 90% of ED cases are caused by conditions like peripheral vascular disease, neurological disorders, or diabetes.

For particular couples, sex therapy might be essential to help you and your partner adjust. It may likewise be helpful to hear from certain men who have had ED in the past to find out about how they handled their experiences. You can also contact your primary healthcare physician about local support groups in your location. Remember, you’re not alone, and there are many practical solutions to any guy problems you may be facing.

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