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Finally Ready to Settle Down? 4 Traits to Look for in “The One”

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Let’s face it: Your 20s are for having fun — dating, mingling, and seeing what’s out there. You have few life responsibilities. You’re enjoying being young and free. And life is good.

But once you hit your 30s — and especially your mid 30s — you might be seriously considering “settling down.” Many of your friends may be getting married, having kids, buying houses, and making full lives for themselves.

As you attend their weddings and send congratulations on the births of their children, you may be asking yourself: “Is it time for me to settle down too?” and “How will I meet the one I’m meant to be with?”

If these are thoughts that have been running through your mind, this article is for you. Finding “The One” isn’t easy, to be sure. However, it’s not impossible either.

What’s most important to realize is that just like finding your dream career, “The One” probably won’t come knocking down your door. In other words, you’re going to need to put in the work to find her. This starts with knowing what to look for.

Up ahead, we’ll outline 4 traits that should be at the top of your list as you search for your dream girl — that woman who you can truly see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

4 Traits to Look for in “The One”

1. Kindness

This should go without saying, but when looking for a good woman, you always want her to be kind.

In other words, watch out for women who jump at the chance to be snotty. Be wary of those who are immediately rude when they get jilted.

Women like this are common. They’ve often been raised as princesses and spoiled by both their families and society. It’s far better to find someone with a good soul, who realizes that no one’s perfect, and it’s always better to be kind.

Look for kindness in her general everyday actions. How does she treat her friends? The waitstaff at a restaurant? You? How does she handle difficult interpersonal situations?

A kind woman knows how to keep her cool in difficult situations and doesn’t rush to blame or act entitled when the going gets tough.

2. Trustworthiness

You should never date a woman you can’t trust, and you certainly shouldn’t marry one either. A woman who is trustworthy is one who doesn’t feel inclined to lie at every opportunity. She doesn’t have to tell you absolutely everything, but she won’t hide things at every turn like some untrustworthy women will.

Sometimes, you can simply tell an untrustworthy person from the moment you meet them. Often, though, it takes time to realize. Some signs of an untrustworthy partner include her not letting you ever look at her phone without her present, lying about places she’s been, or being dishonest about past (and current) relationships.

3. Similar hobbies and interestsA picture containing tree, person, outdoor, person Description automatically generated

If you’re going to spend your life with someone, you want them to share similar interests. If you love cooking, for example, they should be interested in cooking too (or at least, they should love to eat!).

Make a list of your top five interests — whether they have to do with sports, spirituality, art, music, or other hobbies. Have this in mind as you continue dating and meeting new women.

4. Resilience

Inevitably, you and your significant other will run into challenges. You must be able to face these challenges head-on and together as a team. For this reason, it is imperative that you find someone with resilience and grit — someone who is willing to put in the work necessary to keep your relationship going and overcome obstacles.

While it can be hard to judge resilience right away, as you learn more about the person you may end up marrying, look for signs of resilience. How have they handled obstacles in the past? What do they do when you encounter even a minor struggle in their current lives? Do they break down and give up? Or, do they work hard to find a solution and stay stable and in control of their emotions?

Look for someone with resilience, and together, you’ll be able to weather any storm.

Where Will You Find Your Dream Girl?

When it comes to finding your dream girl, it’s important to do your research and think hard about where she might be hanging out and spending most of her time. Stick with locations where someone with similar interests and hobbies will be (since that’s what you want in your woman anyway).

For example, if you love music, be sure to attend more concerts. If you enjoy smoking cannabis, check out the top dispensary in Tulsa residents hang out at. If you can’t stay away from nature, join a hiking group or a bird-watching club.

Sometimes, finding “The One” is simply about being in the right place at the right time. It’s also about knowing what you want and being honest about it.

Use the advice above, and throughout this process, always keep your chin up. Remember: There’s no reason your “dream woman” can’t become your real wife for life.


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