10 Dating Mistakes Men Need to Stop Making

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Dating can be a great experience, but there are a lot of men that mess it up. The professionals over in California came up with these quick tips for those that are committing the same bad mistakes over and over again

1. Stop Confusing Expensive Dates With Good Dates

A lot of men make the mistake of confusing the spending large sums of money with a great date. Women are looking for men that are thoughtful. Spending a large sum of money isn’t always going to equate to a great dating experience.

2. Failure to Prepare

Men need to put some thought into what they’re going to do. No woman wants to be picked up and then asked what they want to do. They want a man to put some effort into the date. They want someone that has taken time to plan and make reservations for dinner. They want someone that is willing to think outside of the box.

3. Communication Failure

A lot of women find themselves frustrated with men that are not good at communicating. They may have someone that is only interested in talking about themselves. The man that is not willing to spend any time letting the woman talk is unattractive to women.

4. Mistaking Dating Sites For Hooking Up Sites

Women are tired of going on dating sites to meet men only to discover that they are only interested in a hookup. The large majority of women that are single and looking for dating opportunities are not going to be looking for one night stands. Women want men to be upfront about their intentions early on.

5. Unwilling to Try New Things

There’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie for the first date. It becomes redundant over time, however, and this can be very annoying for many women. It is better for a man to put some thought towards creating a dating experience that is different every time.

There needs to be a system where men track what they are doing when it comes to their dates. They should have a log of the type of dates that they have already gone on as well as the restaurants that they have eaten at. Men should always to be willing to try something new when they are trying to keep the dating game exciting.

6. No Desire to Move Beyond Dating

Dating is supposed to lead to a relationship if the dating is going well. Men find themselves making the mistake of never even discussing the next level after successful dates. So many men get stuck inside of a box where they want to date without defining what the dating is supposed to lead to. Women do not want to be strung along. They want to know that the dating is leading to something more if previous dates have gone well.

Women are not fans of men that try to juggle too many dates. Women want to feel special. They want to know that they are the only one if there have been multiple dates. They are not looking to be one of many others. Men that are juggling too many women and having too many dates are going to find themselves stretched to the limit. They are never going to get the opportunity to know any of the women that they are in pursuit of.

7. Failing to Be Genuine

A date where a man fails to be genuine is a pure waste of time. Women are not interested in some false first impression. They are looking for a man that is going to keep up what he started. Men make a big mistake in not being themselves. A man that is trying to impress a woman with a lifestyle he cannot afford on the first date is only headed for disaster if more dates follows. It becomes impossible to keep up this charade.

8. Boring Conversation

Some men just don’t know how to provide stimulating conversation. This is why they should practice with female friends. No woman wants a conversation that is not going anywhere. Women want conversation that is going to be intriguing.

9. Expecting the Woman to Pay

If a woman has been asked out she is not expecting to “Go Dutch.” That isn’t the way that dating works. If the man is planning the date, picking the woman up and anticipating another date he has to be prepared to pay.

10. Failure to Follow Up

After the date there is one big thing, one very important thing that most men forget to do. They don’t follow up immediately as they should. In this day and age of technology smartphones make texting an acceptable form of following up so there is no excuse for not connecting with your date after you have both returns to your dwellings. A call is ideal for many women, but modern women are just fine with a text message that thanks them for their time. This should be followed up by a statement that reflects how they would like to see the woman again. Men should never just assume that a woman knows how they feel.

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