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Ever since the European Championships was postponed last season, fans have been waiting in anticipation to find out how the UEFA Euro 2020 would go ahead, with fans or without.

The European Championships this year were different as matches are taking place across the full continent with many host cities having games for the tournament.  With this, each city and country have different restrictions in place for fans and visitors. The UK for example includes Wembley Stadium and Hampden Park as hosting games and both have different rules in terms of how many fans can be allowed in.

Check The Country for Travel Restrictions

With countries changing everyday the restrictions on where they can go and who can come in this has left many fans frustrated and not being able to travel. The first primary thing for fans to do is to look at the Travel and Tourism website for the place you have tickets and understand that you might not be able to attend.


If you are looking for tickets to any of the games, ideally in your own country then the first port of call is to visit the official website of the organising body, Here you will find tickets and news first than anywhere else. Should tickets be returned and for sale, they will be listed here on the Portal.

Download The Official EURO Ticket App

Unlike previous tournaments, the organisers UEFA have created a mobile ticket system that allows fans to pass and receive tickets inside their own Ticket Wallet. Any tickets that you have been assigned will be visible on your UEFA Euro 2020 Ticket App dashboard, the number of tickets, location and seat details. From the smartly designed system, you are able to simply press a button and enter an email of your guest and press the transfer button. The ticket selected will then be sent across to that user’s wallet. In seconds your guest will be able to see the ticket and it will be removed from your wallet, smart! Watch the video which explains everything.

Resale of Euro 2020 tickets

Whilst there are many tickets for sale online, UEFA  decided not to allow refunds now because of the ample notice and awareness that fans have. There have been at least 2 times across several months that fans have been able to cancel tickets for a full refund. With this the only other way is that if you cannot attend a game is to sell the tickets. offer you the ability to sell Euro tickets at either below face value or above, depending on the game.  Selling the tickets is a pretty straightforward process now, tickets can be sent within seconds so using a secure system such as PayPal, protection can be offered for both the buyer and seller.

Attending The Euro 2020 Games

In the UK, fans are being requested to be tested within 48 hours of attending the stadium. With this, it is important to fully understand the requirements. Failure to do so will probably result in you being prohibited from entering the stadium. Whilst some countries will be stricter than others, if you have the opportunity to be vaccinated before the game then this is the time to do it. Download the NHS App which will allow you to show your vaccination record.

The Winners

Whilst the French National team are current world champions and Euro 2016 champions, there is several other teams looking to show their potential in the form of Italy, Belgium, England football team, Spain and Netherlands. The tournament has just started and many are making predictions. Can Portugal win or will Germany be strong, be sure to keep tuned to the biggest footballing event this summer.