Are You a Team Player in the Bedroom?

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Team sex is always better than the solo version. Are you a good team-mate in bed? It’s harder than plain self-interest, but infinitely more rewarding, both physically and emotionally.

Male and Female Differences

Men and women have many differences apart from the obvious external ones. Differences range from thinking patterns to the amount of stimulation needed to achieve a sexual climax. Understanding and working with your partner to accommodate your differences are crucial to the longevity of your relationship.

For better team satisfaction couples need to make sex last longer: The big problem here is male physiology. After the male climax and ejaculation, sex comes to a rapid end for most couples because the man’s penis becomes flaccid and a soft penis doesn’t do the job for the woman.

Studies show that men last less than six minutes, but women need thirteen minutes of stimulation to reach a climax. One-third of American men say they climax too quickly and want to last longer.

The solution sounds simple: Delay the man’s orgasm.

5 Ways to Delay Ejaculation

Any man who suffers from premature ejaculation should consult his doctor. Treating the symptoms is a poor approach if you have underlying health issues such as prostate problems, high blood pressure or anxiety.

Yes, I know that real men don’t talk about these things, but maybe they should: It might lead to many more happy relationships and doctors have heard it all before. Any medical professional will just give you a deadpan look and ask you to roll up your sleeve for a blood pressure cuff.

Communication between sexual partners is crucial. Neither of you can read the other’s mind, so you need to talk about sex-related issues just as you would discuss what you are going to eat. The only difference is that you need to choose your moment to discuss intimate issues more carefully.

  1. Try new positions
  2. Adjust your foreplay
  3. Try a numbing spray
  4. Ask your doctor for medication
  5. Think of something horrible

Let’s look at these four options in more detail.

1. Try new positions
If the woman is in control of the action then the man will last longer, she will make sure of it.

Try woman on top positions where she is in control of the action.

2. Adjust your foreplay

Change the emphasis in your foreplay; less on you, more on her.

Women need more than just vaginal stimulation to reach orgasm. The lead up is more important than the action. Make the most of the journey and don’t be in such a hurry to arrive. Pay attention to her other parts and she will thank you.

3. Try a numbing spray
You can use a numbing spray like Promescent on your penis fifteen minutes before any sexual contact. You can make this part of your foreplay, just make sure it dries before you go for goal, because the last thing you need is to numb your partner’s lady parts.

Side-effects are zero because a topical spray only affects your action bits rather than every organ in your body.
4. Ask your doctor for medication
A doctor can prescribe drugs such as specific selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that have been found to help men with premature ejaculation problems.

The main issue here is the possible side-effects, including erectile dysfunction. A non-erection is the last thing you need!

5. Think of something horrible
You can distract yourself at the key moment by thinking of the shopping, the underside of your car, or something else entirely. However, your partner will know you are not fully engaged with her and she won’t be happy.

In Short

Sex is like life – A journey where it is better to prolong the experience rather than to arrive at the finish line too quickly. The best measure of your success as a lover is your partner’s satisfaction, and that takes time. Slowing down the action is the key to two-way pleasure. If only one of you is reaching a climax most of the time then you have a problem.

You need to work as a team and look after one another’s needs. There are solutions which will make sex last longer more enjoyable for you both.

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